The Hoolagans Above

My roommates and I live on the second floor. Which obviously means there are people above us, and people below us…In my years of living in student housing, I have mastered the skills of being seen but not heard. Unfortunately the girls that live above us have not. It usually occurs around midnight, that they must start either clogging or Irish dancing. The noise is incredibly annoying, however we have all learned to deal with it, and have said nothing so to keep the peace. Yesterday, one of my roommates was asked out on a date. A date that the rest of us had been pulling for. While all of us screamed for joy (like little school girls), one of my roommates started hitting things with a magazine. Just as I was making the connection that she was trying to kill a fly, a knock was heard. Not just any knock, but a fierce one. When we answered the door, it was one of our neighbors from upstairs. She had come to make sure we were alive, and to inform us that they could hear us up stairs… Most people would turn right back and yell at them for being loud. But we were just so impressed with how concerned they were about us and their responding time. It just looks like the next time it sounds like the circus is in town, I can run upstairs and just “check” on them.


A Slippery Slope

In Mormon culture there is a term that gets a college students heart beating… Linger Longer. A linger longer is usually (but not in this case) right after church. They provide you with food, drinks, and those in charge of it hope you mingle to find an eternal companion. It’s a literal frenzy, its like two 20120927-083924.jpglions in a “cat fight.” The boys just try to play it cool while the girls flit their eye lashes. Last night was an unusual occurrence of a “Linger Longer.” They decided to hold one on Wednesday night. The turn out was impressive, I mean for the 130 girl to 30 boy ratio… However we could not figure out why they had held one during the week. My roommates and I were stumped. As our stomachs became full, the Bishop stood up and began to thank us all for coming. This is where we were hoodwinked! The Bishop confessed that he had callings ( like tasks to do at church) for almost every member in the ward. At hearing this, I obviously booked it out the back door… I mean I have already been blessed with TWO callings, whose to say he wouldn’t give me another one! Don’t get me wrong, I am happy and excited to serve. I just don’t want to be selfish and hog all of them, I mean we do have a surplus of women. All I can say is, well played Bishop, well played.

The Mystery of Mormon Missionaries

“Why would these young men and women choose to put on their dress clothes and traipse around strange parts of the world for two years? ”

That was a question I asked my self everyday while serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints. A mission is no easy task. You leave your home, family, friends, and pretty much your whole life for a period of time and dedicate it to your faith. In my case I served only 10 months because of health issues. It was an experience in my life that has shaped me into who I currently am, and has provided me with who I want to be. It is a time of sacrifice, but also one of exponential growth. Many people find missionaries intimidating or scary, and that might be true because people are unfamiliar with them. I am here to tell you, we are not! We are more than willing to help out, and would love to explain to you our crazy decision to serve a mission. Throughout my mission posts, I will give you a glimpse into what it is like to be a missionary,  the process of becoming a missionary, and what missionaries teach. I am not currently a full-time missionary, but I am a member missionary and I love to use the internet for good. If you have any questions feel free to comment, questions lead to answers!!!

A Home Run

I have grudgingly signed up for an institute class this Fall. Many may think, “Oh Clare she is an RM (returned missionary), she must love things like Institute!” FALSE!!! I do not, it has always been something hard for me to succumb to. However I decided I would women up and take a class with my roommate. Did I mention that it was Celestial Marriage? During one of the classes Brother Irwin put a boy on the spot and asked him if he had been on any dates lately. He responded with no…So Brother Irwin announced to the class that he would be putting this boy’s number on the board at the end of class so us “girls” could get his number. The traditionalist in me came out, and I shouted, “Shouldn’t he ask for our numbers?!” I guess sometimes speaking up gets you places…After class he came up to me and asked for my number. We went out the next night.

The date included:

Making a spaghetti dinner together, and let me say cooking is not my strong point, but I sure did great on that garlic bread, said no one ever….

After dinner he slowly said, so the next part might get messy…Are you willing to try? Of course I was in, (YOLO) and so he brought me one of his shirts. He took me to a parking lot, which did not convince me that I was going to make it home alive that night. However what he had planned, was defiantly the most creative activity I have participated in yet.  We shook up cans of soda pop and placed them on a t-ball stand and tried to hit them into the dumpsters. The cans exploded in our faces, and in the end were tied. It was such a creative idea, and I guess you do get blessings (and/or dates) from going to Institute.

Chalk Dance

Once an Aggie, Always an Aggie…Or so they tell me. The leaves are beginning to change, and Utah States Homecoming is here. I had the privilege of being nominated for Homecoming royalty, and then didn’t pass the interview. I bet I would have if I said more about world peace… Which is okay, because now I can attend my very first DEBATE tournament in the far land of…Twin Falls… Anyways, we started off the week with some street painting, that I obviously skipped because my lack in the art department, and burned some calories at the chalk dance. It was quite the event. Hundreds of students came, and for some odd reason, we threw chalk in the air and at each other. I don’t know who decided that we had to add “things” to a dance to make it more fun, but I am not opposed. I went with some friends/roommates and we got dirty I guess you could say… The chalk was everywhere, the first throw left me with a blue tongue and clouded eyes. We started to rub the chalk into each others hair, and all I could think was please don’t wake up with green hair. We ended the night early so we could still get hot water, and if your wondering, my hair came clean, but I can’t say the same for my clothes…

It’s That Time Again…

I felt like it was time to start up another blog documenting the somewhat alluring life I lead. I have almost completed my first month as a SENIOR here at Utah State. Life is changing fast, boys keep asking twice…(on dates), and I can feel the grown-up in me coming out. It’s the life of a Clare Bear… I can’t believe that it was in 2008 that I left the nest in Boise Idaho, and flew (some direction) and found my self in Logan Utah in the year 2012…All I can think is, WHAT THE!? Where has the time gone. Stay tuned for the OH SO EXCITING events that I am sure will transpired throughout this year.

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