A Home Run

I have grudgingly signed up for an institute class this Fall. Many may think, “Oh Clare she is an RM (returned missionary), she must love things like Institute!” FALSE!!! I do not, it has always been something hard for me to succumb to. However I decided I would women up and take a class with my roommate. Did I mention that it was Celestial Marriage? During one of the classes Brother Irwin put a boy on the spot and asked him if he had been on any dates lately. He responded with no…So Brother Irwin announced to the class that he would be putting this boy’s number on the board at the end of class so us “girls” could get his number. The traditionalist in me came out, and I shouted, “Shouldn’t he ask for our numbers?!” I guess sometimes speaking up gets you places…After class he came up to me and asked for my number. We went out the next night.

The date included:

Making a spaghetti dinner together, and let me say cooking is not my strong point, but I sure did great on that garlic bread, said no one ever….

After dinner he slowly said, so the next part might get messy…Are you willing to try? Of course I was in, (YOLO) and so he brought me one of his shirts. He took me to a parking lot, which did not convince me that I was going to make it home alive that night. However what he had planned, was defiantly the most creative activity I have participated in yet.  We shook up cans of soda pop and placed them on a t-ball stand and tried to hit them into the dumpsters. The cans exploded in our faces, and in the end were tied. It was such a creative idea, and I guess you do get blessings (and/or dates) from going to Institute.

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