A Slippery Slope

In Mormon culture there is a term that gets a college students heart beating… Linger Longer. A linger longer is usually (but not in this case) right after church. They provide you with food, drinks, and those in charge of it hope you mingle to find an eternal companion. It’s a literal frenzy, its like two 20120927-083924.jpglions in a “cat fight.” The boys just try to play it cool while the girls flit their eye lashes. Last night was an unusual occurrence of a “Linger Longer.” They decided to hold one on Wednesday night. The turn out was impressive, I mean for the 130 girl to 30 boy ratio… However we could not figure out why they had held one during the week. My roommates and I were stumped. As our stomachs became full, the Bishop stood up and began to thank us all for coming. This is where we were hoodwinked! The Bishop confessed that he had callings ( like tasks to do at church) for almost every member in the ward. At hearing this, I obviously booked it out the back door… I mean I have already been blessed with TWO callings, whose to say he wouldn’t give me another one! Don’t get me wrong, I am happy and excited to serve. I just don’t want to be selfish and hog all of them, I mean we do have a surplus of women. All I can say is, well played Bishop, well played.

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