A Finalized Feminist

This past week I finalized all of my degrees prior to my graduation in MAY! I will be graduating now with an AREA STUDIES in Women and Gender Studies. Now this may give me the title of “Feminist,” and man I hate using the F word sometimes, because it is not accepted by everyone… But I am here to tell you that I am a Feminist, not a lesbian, not a man hater, and not a granola tree-huger. I just love being a women who wants to be a pioneer for others. What I love to focus on is helping adolescent girls learn the importance of their self worth. I feel it is vital to teach them that they are beautiful and to love themselves and to quite the bullying. I am part of the 3rd wave Feminist movement in a media savy way.  I went into a predominately male field and came out a stronger woman. I have a knowledge about computers that most women don’t, and that needs to change. I want to show females that it is okay to venture into those male-filled fields, and to use their minority status to their advantage. Women have a right to be involved in technology, it is time to overcome that fear and tear into the technology world and make our mark.


Press Box Princess


Last night I can honestly saw that I felt like a Princess. The requirements of this were simple I felt like a straight up VIP.  My roommate works at our holy spectrum, where we bring teams to tears. She invited all of her roommates to come sit with her in the press box during the women’s volleyball game. As my friend pointed out, yes I could have had any seat in the house and its probably not really that big of a deal. However, for a lowly commoner like myself it was a pretty big deal. It was not only SPECIAL because we were the only ones in there but we had seats that could roll, rise, and were comfortable. Unfortunately the game was a blow. We lost the first three sets even with our (self proclaimed) beast and mini on the team. The good news is I can now cross off Press Box Princess off my Utah State Bucket List, and feel comfortable graduating in May!

A New Age In the Mormon Church

We just finished another General Conference. This one was a little different than most. President Monson provided us with new revelation that has dropped jaws. It was announced, that boys may enter the mission field at 18, and girls at 19. My first thoughts were ones of jealousy. I wish I could have gone when I was 19, but then I realized it was all in the Lords timing. With this new announcement, many men have experienced the not so expected break ups from the soon to be “sisters,” boys no longer have to wait after high school, and overall the mission field is about to change…FOR THE GOOD!

It is an announcement without much warning. I am impressed at those who have headed the call. I teach temple prep, and I am nervous to teach again, I am sure the class has doubled in size. With this its time to prepare. As a returned SISTER missionary, I would love to answer any questions for you young men and women, who are choosing to serve. Anything from what’s the MTC like, to companions, to where should I shop… I know most of you will just want to talk about your missions, and most people will get bored…Feel free to post about it, and share your excitement! (I also do enjoy great break up stories 🙂 )

Happy General Conference

It’s that time of the year again. The leaves are beginning to change, the air is becoming crisp, and it is time for all of us to spiritually feed. I hope you’re hungry, because I am anticipating an intense spiritual feast. For those who do not know, General Conference happens twice a year. It is a time that all the members in the ENTIRE world come together and listen to our prophet (Currently President Monson, Honestly how could you not feel uplifted after seeing him speak.) Whether members attend in Salt Lake City or watch it on a tiny computer screen, like my little brother Max will do in Argentina, it is a time to be taught. We believe that our prophet speaks for God. We have the opportunity to listen to him and many of the leaders of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints. You do not have to be a member to listen, you may check out lds.org or mormon.org and you can read more about it. My favorite thing to do around conference time is to step back and take a look at my life. I ask myself, where I am going, what am I doing, and what I am not doing… I spend the entire week praying to my Heavenly Father that I will receive answers from General Conference, or that I will be made aware of things I need to work on. I urge you all to try it, the only way to find out if it works is to try. If your interested in watching conference there are two sessions on Saturday and two on Sunday. Let me know what your favorite part is or an experience you had. Happy General Conference!


Winning Awards With Words

On day two of the College of Southern Idaho, I was sure that I was a lady like debater. Since it was my very first tournament, I had not idea what to expect. We had to wake up extremely early…for me (6:00am). We took our mini bus back the college where I reviewed my speech one last time and then I rushed off to my first Informative round. I was one of five. Once you enter the room you are being judged…talk about an intense environment. I did this for four more rounds and then I finally had earned a lunch break. After my informative was finished, the debates began. It is honestly the most thrilling thing a person can do. You get a topic and then you have twenty minutes to plan your debate and then make it across campus to your room. I debated three more times…In the midst of the debates, the sign posting of finalists went up, I HAD MADE IT! I was going to have to present my speech now to three judges and a crowd. In the end I did not place top three, I was 5th over the topics of transgender, and BDSM…(don’t look it up) Overall it was a round of very strange topics. I did well for my first tournament, also winning a top speaker award, which fulfilled my long life dream of owning a gavel, SCORE… I remember that throughout my schooling years, I had many teachers telling me to be cautious of what I say, and to be quiet…All I have to say is TAKE THAT, I can win awards with my words.

You CROSSED a Line

ImageMost People would say that the short bus is for the slow…Not in this case! This is our mini bus that took Utah States Debate team to College of Southern Idaho. We met at 8:30am at the bottom of Old Main and crammed on the bus. The bus ride was horrible. I had got so nauseated, and our coach had instituted a no sleeping rule. I can’t pretend, I was overly annoyed at this. Finally we got to the tournament around 1pm, only to find out I was not competing at all until 6:45 that night. Most would think YAY a break, but those hours were spent going OVER and OVER my speech. I had to practice using my four Imagevisual aides. It was a day they went on forever. However once the first match was given, I felt alive. I met my opponent and the topic was given, “Libya has crossed a line.” I was the affirmative and so I made it pretty broad. My opponent started to use personal attacks calling me “naive” and “uneducated.” What I would like to point out is, I won. The debate was thrilling and made the day worth it. I realized how important words can be, the tone and the delivery. We made it through one more debate and then it was time to call it a night. I dragged out my visual aides and found myself on our mini bus. As I scanned my schedule for the next day, barely staying awake, I realized that I would be speaking nonstop for about 12 hours the next day. Overall the first day, I felt like a grown up, almost like my sister Emily. She always is dressed like a working women, and this was my chance…I mean I even had visual aides. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Day TWO to come 🙂

It’s Not a Secret, It is Sacred.

This past week I received a new calling as a temple preparation teacher. My job is to prepare people to enter the House of the Lord. Whether they are going on a mission, getting sealed (married), or are just curious, they have all been previously prepared by learning the basics of the gospel. It has often been questioned of the Mormon faith why the temples are so secret. I am here to tell you it is not a secret, it is sacred. I like to think of the temple in this analogy. Think of my nephew, he is 5 years old and has just entered kindergarten. Preschool has prepared him for it and he is thriving. However, imagine if he had just finished preschool and was required to enter the 9th grade. In no way would he be prepared. He would not have been taught the necessary information, and had enough experience to pass the 9th grade. To relate it to the temple, the reason not everyone can go into the House of the Lord is because they are not fully prepared. To prepare, a member must have already learned to make covenants starting with baptism. In the temple, a member makes very serious and sacred covenants, that they must be prepared to honor. What happens inside is not a secret, we make covenants for those who have passed on, so that they may have the same opportunity that we have. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or check out mormon.org. On their website you can request missionaries who would do a great job at explaining!


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