It’s Not a Secret, It is Sacred.

This past week I received a new calling as a temple preparation teacher. My job is to prepare people to enter the House of the Lord. Whether they are going on a mission, getting sealed (married), or are just curious, they have all been previously prepared by learning the basics of the gospel. It has often been questioned of the Mormon faith why the temples are so secret. I am here to tell you it is not a secret, it is sacred. I like to think of the temple in this analogy. Think of my nephew, he is 5 years old and has just entered kindergarten. Preschool has prepared him for it and he is thriving. However, imagine if he had just finished preschool and was required to enter the 9th grade. In no way would he be prepared. He would not have been taught the necessary information, and had enough experience to pass the 9th grade. To relate it to the temple, the reason not everyone can go into the House of the Lord is because they are not fully prepared. To prepare, a member must have already learned to make covenants starting with baptism. In the temple, a member makes very serious and sacred covenants, that they must be prepared to honor. What happens inside is not a secret, we make covenants for those who have passed on, so that they may have the same opportunity that we have. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or check out On their website you can request missionaries who would do a great job at explaining!


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  1. There’s nothing secret about the Mormon temple ceremony. Its entire purpose is to teach humans to obey the Lord in all things at all times. That’s it. That’s the whole message. Sure, there’s a lot of symbolism and repetition, but that’s because humans are so clueless that they can’t be counted on to hearken to the Lord, no matter how clear he’s made himself.

    I could go into tedious detail on the temple ceremony, but since most people don’t care about its purpose, anyway, what would be the point? The purpose, once again, is to get humans to actually obey the Lord in all things, without exception. But humans won’t. Instead, they think they can attend the temple and that this makes them “holy,” while the entire time they are there they are missing the point.

    Once again, the point is to obey the Lord, Jesus Christ, in all things … to honor him and walk in his ways.

    That’s it. It’s not a secret, but most people don’t want to hear that they need to be obeying the Lord in all things and at all times, so they’d rather make some mystery out of what is, essentially, not at all mysterious.

    What is mysterious is how people can attend the temple and then violate their covenant to obey the Lord. So if you are planning on committing adultery, I wouldn’t recommend you become a Mormon, or attend the temple, because the Lord will utterly condemn you, and you will be without excuse.

    What is mysterious is how humans can be so dense that they still think sin is the way to go. Hasn’t the Lord been clear enough? I’ll say he has! Righteousness leads to happiness, and there is no righteousness outside the bound the Lord has set.

    So read the temple ceremony all you want on those bogus sites out there. It won’t do you any good unless you’re prepared to accept the fact that you, too, have to obey the Lord in all things, or stand condemned before him at the Judgment Bar.


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