Winning Awards With Words

On day two of the College of Southern Idaho, I was sure that I was a lady like debater. Since it was my very first tournament, I had not idea what to expect. We had to wake up extremely early…for me (6:00am). We took our mini bus back the college where I reviewed my speech one last time and then I rushed off to my first Informative round. I was one of five. Once you enter the room you are being judged…talk about an intense environment. I did this for four more rounds and then I finally had earned a lunch break. After my informative was finished, the debates began. It is honestly the most thrilling thing a person can do. You get a topic and then you have twenty minutes to plan your debate and then make it across campus to your room. I debated three more times…In the midst of the debates, the sign posting of finalists went up, I HAD MADE IT! I was going to have to present my speech now to three judges and a crowd. In the end I did not place top three, I was 5th over the topics of transgender, and BDSM…(don’t look it up) Overall it was a round of very strange topics. I did well for my first tournament, also winning a top speaker award, which fulfilled my long life dream of owning a gavel, SCORE… I remember that throughout my schooling years, I had many teachers telling me to be cautious of what I say, and to be quiet…All I have to say is TAKE THAT, I can win awards with my words.

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