A New Age In the Mormon Church

We just finished another General Conference. This one was a little different than most. President Monson provided us with new revelation that has dropped jaws. It was announced, that boys may enter the mission field at 18, and girls at 19. My first thoughts were ones of jealousy. I wish I could have gone when I was 19, but then I realized it was all in the Lords timing. With this new announcement, many men have experienced the not so expected break ups from the soon to be “sisters,” boys no longer have to wait after high school, and overall the mission field is about to change…FOR THE GOOD!

It is an announcement without much warning. I am impressed at those who have headed the call. I teach temple prep, and I am nervous to teach again, I am sure the class has doubled in size. With this its time to prepare. As a returned SISTER missionary, I would love to answer any questions for you young men and women, who are choosing to serve. Anything from what’s the MTC like, to companions, to where should I shop… I know most of you will just want to talk about your missions, and most people will get bored…Feel free to post about it, and share your excitement! (I also do enjoy great break up stories 🙂 )

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    1. Hey Ashley
      So it depends on where you are going…. I got a lot of tops from forever 21, h&h, any store… Skirts from downeast, jc penny, and even old navy, scarves are nice…. Once I was on my mission I went to thrift stores a lot and spent a lot less for a lot more… For shoes you might have to spend more, if you are in a place with stores you can always buy new ones, if your going somewhere like Albania buy some nice chacos! There a ton of skirts you can make on pinterest to!


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