A Finalized Feminist

This past week I finalized all of my degrees prior to my graduation in MAY! I will be graduating now with an AREA STUDIES in Women and Gender Studies. Now this may give me the title of “Feminist,” and man I hate using the F word sometimes, because it is not accepted by everyone… But I am here to tell you that I am a Feminist, not a lesbian, not a man hater, and not a granola tree-huger. I just love being a women who wants to be a pioneer for others. What I love to focus on is helping adolescent girls learn the importance of their self worth. I feel it is vital to teach them that they are beautiful and to love themselves and to quite the bullying. I am part of the 3rd wave Feminist movement in a media savy way.  I went into a predominately male field and came out a stronger woman. I have a knowledge about computers that most women don’t, and that needs to change. I want to show females that it is okay to venture into those male-filled fields, and to use their minority status to their advantage. Women have a right to be involved in technology, it is time to overcome that fear and tear into the technology world and make our mark.

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