Last Minute Surgery….


Some people are born with certain talents. I claim mine as watching tv, golfing, public speaking, and well weird health issues… On October 18th 2012, I went in for Foot Reconstruction. In laymen terms, I had bunions…but what almost 23 year old wants to admit to “old people” feet, not me! It was a short notice surgery, but with the health care system right now I figured I should get it done while I had already had half my deductible met. When I broke the news to my parents, they were less than thrilled, my mom replied with “Well I cant be there, so if you can find someone to take care of you go for it.” A SURGERY WITHOUT MY MOM!? I did not think he could be done, she is a master of healing. However I had a brother and many dedicated roommates step up to the plate and take care of me. I went in early for an surgery, where the anesthesiologist started to dope me up. He asked me about my boy situation and apparently I went off about 7 different ones… The doctor made two incisions that were quite long, broke some bones, shaved some off, and put in three screws. I feel like a transformer, maybe I can star in the transformers 7…is that the one we are on? Anyways I will continue to share the after affects of my newly crippled life!

AFTER (LEFT SIDE)                                                                                             AFTER (RIGHT SIDE)

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