Mercy From My Mates


In my earlier post about my spur of the moment surgery I had mentioned how my mother was unable to come attend to my every needs… I don’t think I realized how much help I was really going to need after having my foot torn to pieces. After my initial doctors appointment, I had thought to myself, oh my roommates are great they will help me. The one in the picture has her CNA, and so she would be a professional. They had all agreed to help me out. I don’t think they had ANY IDEA what they were getting themselves into. I have never been so impressed…My roommates literally waited on me day and night. One of them even cleaned out a bowl I had puked in, now that is true charity. My roommates had set up a schedule to come and switch my ice out every two hours throughout the night and to remind me to take my painkillers. I can not imagine how hard it was for them to hear an alarm at 2 am and have to get out of bed to bring me ice. I was so humbled, to see that they were true disciples of our Savior Jesus Christ. It may sound silly, but the acts of kindness they performed for me will forever be engrained in my mind and hold as a testimony of charity. They had put my needs before theirs, and sacrificed their time and wants to help me. I know that my recovery could have been awful if it was not for my roommates selfless acts and my neighbors willingness to help (even to shower…don’t worry I declined). I would sign any waiver for any future husband that these are good women and that they would be well taken care of.






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