Uncle Bret and His Infamous Chocolate Milk

I am a lucky girl. I want to introduce you to someone that brightens my day, his name is Uncle Bret. He was born with Down Syndrome, and it has been a blessing to many. Ever since I was little I have always been excited to see him. Most of my favorite memories come from moments with him. Yesterday I was working on somethings at my grandparents house. He came and sat next to me and said that we were “Pals.” He gave me a big hug and then just sat with me. A lot of the time I can’t understand what he is saying, and I don’t always know what he is feeling. What I do know, is that he is loving, and caring, and that he is a child of God. A memory that I will never forget happened when I was still in elementary school. My parents were out of town so my grandparents and Bret came to take care of me and my unruly siblings. While my parents were gone, I had slammed my thumb in the car door on a cold winter night. It was excruciating pain. My grandpa took great care of me, but Uncle Bret never left my side. He kept saying “you back better now.” He had brought me the LARGEST glass of chocolate milk in the world. Receiving a glass of chocolate milk from Bret is his highest way of showing his kindness and love. As Thanksgiving pulls around, and all of my family comes into town, I’m excited that he is part of my family… “A perfect body is not required to achieve a divine destiny. In fact, some of the sweetest spirits are housed in frail frames. Great spiritual strength is often developed by those with physical challenges precisely because they are challenged. Such individuals are entitled to all the blessings that God has in store for His faithful and obedient children.” —Russell M. Nelson, “We Are Children of God,” Ensign, Nov. 1998, 86–87

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