Double The Trouble

Photo by clarebeardareOn Saturday I got to see one of my companions that just got home a few months ago. She was my companion during my third transfer. We only got to be together for one transfer, because apparently we became too good of friends… We were known as “Double the Trouble.” She taught me so much about life and about her culture. I love this girl more than anything. She is an inspiration to me and a true sister. I am so proud of her for finishing her mission the way she did. I know it was not easy, but this girl did it! She conquered the odds and changed lives. As you would say in Tongan Language she is my “tita.”

I will always attribute her to my developed perception of being happy. Through our transfer together, she had had some terrible things happen, and she was going through some major trials. What impressed me was her ability to be happy through those things. I know it was not easy for her, but she did it. When I think things get hard, I remember the things my companion taught me and apply them, and then life is not all that bad.


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