I am not a huge reader, as you all know my talents lie within the television sector… Instead of listening to my favorite rap songs to get ready in the morning or watching the Colbert Report from the night before on my beloved hulu+ account, I decided to listen to Tina Fey’s book BOSSYPANTS. It is not a book for the “innocent,” there is some crude language, but her story of making it to the top is riveting. I appreciated that she was the one speaking on her audio book it really put in her personality.  I literally “LOL’ED” at some of her stories. I loved hearing how she voyaged through hairy workplaces to get where she is today. She always stood up for herself, and it has paid off. She has changed comedy as we know it, and Sarah Palin…. Overall its a great book, inspiring to know you can end up in “higher places” if you shoot for your dreams… If not, at least you had a good time.

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