Curse of Being a Wallflower

I was flipping through the Utah Statesman when I found this gem. If you have seen the actual movie PERKS of Being a Wallflower you will understand that it was kind of a curse. I thought it was a great movie, for a hipster…It was definitely a heart wrenching tale of a boy with a past that comes out shockingly in the end. I would recommend seeing it with caution. The movie had some great twists and turns, and that is what I LOVE in a movie, so kudos to Chbosky. The movie is overflowing with modern day drama of a kid getting the crap kicked out of him for same sex attraction, and girl and boy problems, death, and than the major twist at the end. If you feel like a trooper go ahead a see it. All I could think during the whole movie is how we need to be kinder to those around us no matter who they are their and their life choices. We don’t have to make their life choices but we can treat them with kindness. For those who are friendless, the odd ones out, many may view you as a “curse” but don’t worry there is always going to be a “perk” behind the typo.

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