The Aggie Foot Game

popoWe all went to the Potato Bowl starring Utah States foot game team (Harvard Sailing Team). The game was SO BORING, it got to the 4th quarter. I kept saying lets leave. Its a good thing we didn’t because the game finally got interesting in the last 7 minutes. I think they just wanted to wait until we were nice and cold to do something spectacular and win…We were lucky to have such an obnoxious lady behind us that kept us on our toes. She kept contesting calls made by those men in stripped shirts. I bet if they did some laundry the shirts would come out white… My ears cringed at the woman behind us who was yelling obscenity’s such as you “Dumb Head.” I was utterly appalled! I did not appreciate such salty language, especially in front of my very impressionable 16 year old cousin. After hearing this lady, I needed a pallet cleanse. Kegan (the big guy by the big potato) and I went to get hot chocolate. We met up with some of the Elders from our mission, and had a mini reunion. Jordan Wilcox formally 380707_4613804259738_469149619_nknown as Elder, was born and raised on a potato farm in Rexburg, Idaho. You probably have put two and two together, yes he had special perks here at the POTATO BOWL. He was on the sidelines and even got free food…Lucky!!! Overall it was an exciting experience. It was a perfect way to end my last football season as a student. Now we just have to recover from losing the coach…Really was that a surprise??? I think no. Still proud to be an Aggie



Our Saviors Love

ImageYesterday was like any other day until I sat down to watch the news. My heart dropped, so many  lives had been altered. In Connecticut many lives were lost in a Elementary School Shooting. My first thought was the children who lost their lives are with our loving Heavenly Father now. While serving a mission in Rochester, New York, we got to work at the Hill Cumorah Pageant. It has one of the most powerful visuals that has been engrained in my heart. The scene when the Savior comes to the Americas, and the first thing he does is interacts with the little children. Today there are many tears that have been shed for those who lost their lives. I can only in vision the same thing as those lost lives enter the Kingdom of God. They are being welcomed by a smiling and kind man who loves them so much that he sacrificed so much, our Savior Jesus Christ. My heart goes out to all those affected and I promise that families can be together again, you will see them again.

Skirts Are So Opressive…Said No One Ever


  1. Unjustly inflicting hardship and constraint, esp. on a minority or other subordinate group.

dressesI was in a deep sleep this morning when I received a text at such as ghastly hour, 9:00 am. After chastising my sister Emily for contacting me so early, I got to her question… “Are you wearing pants to church!” I had no idea what she was talking about. She directed me to a blog, and I was astounded as to the uproar against skirts at church. After reading all of the comments I came down stairs to enjoy a bowl of Cheerios, with my lactose free milk of course, to find an article in the Idaho Statesmen about the skirts. According to the definition of oppressive it would imply that   skirts are a hardship or a constraint to wear at church. The actual nature of skirts allows you to be free. What pair of pants allows one to have fresh breeze tickling those inner thighs covered in stretch marks (no comment on size)…? None! I mean if you are so concerned that your legs are “naked” I can recommend some great places to buy some tights…So many options there, patterned, solid, colored, knee length, or tummy tuck, the sky is the limit here. So maybe what we need to look to this Sunday is WEAR TIGHTS TO CHURCH…. Not only do they allow the area down under to breath, but usually if you wear them right, you look hot, much hotter than you would in pants… If anything we should be pushing to look good.


I understand that there is a underlying message some women want to be sent. I am a feminist, I believe in equality, and I think we have strides to make. However when it comes to things of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints, there is not much we can change or that I would. I mean honestly, if you have a strong belief then you would understand that it is part of the plan, that was decided before we even came to earth. If you don’t understand the power and responsibility of the priesthood, of course you will never feel equal. We have each been given divine roles and we have been sent here to fulfill them…Whether you want to fulfill your role in pants or a skirt its up to you, it comes down to the real question do you have a testimony of the Priesthood…?


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