Our Saviors Love

ImageYesterday was like any other day until I sat down to watch the news. My heart dropped, so many  lives had been altered. In Connecticut many lives were lost in a Elementary School Shooting. My first thought was the children who lost their lives are with our loving Heavenly Father now. While serving a mission in Rochester, New York, we got to work at the Hill Cumorah Pageant. It has one of the most powerful visuals that has been engrained in my heart. The scene when the Savior comes to the Americas, and the first thing he does is interacts with the little children. Today there are many tears that have been shed for those who lost their lives. I can only in vision the same thing as those lost lives enter the Kingdom of God. They are being welcomed by a smiling and kind man who loves them so much that he sacrificed so much, our Savior Jesus Christ. My heart goes out to all those affected and I promise that families can be together again, you will see them again.

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