Media Has Messed Me Up!


I am a media buff, I mean seriously quiz me about Netflix and I could totally nail it. (Maybe I shouldn’t be proud of that…) In some of my classes we have talked about the effect that media has had on my generation and the ones after us. I have decided to take a satirical approach on it. Why not embrace it!? I might as well right? I decided I wanted to start posting more videos to YouTube. Enjoy my videos, and I promise I am not this dumb…. I am just adding to the insanity! And lets be honest, its just funny….


Enjoying The Last of the Firsts

imagesIt all started here at Cynthia Mann Elementary School in Boise Idaho. I’m sure that day I woke up and thought I can’t wait till I reach my last semester of college…Just kidding, I was thinking about snack time. Today I started my LAST FIRST day of school here at Utah State. It is a milestone, I can say most people probably did not see 231073_4455802429791_1022297725_ncoming. Yesterday in church, the lesson was on President DieterĀ F. Uchtdorfs talk in the last conference Of Regrets and Resolutions. The teacher explained how we should not just focus on the finish line and forget all of the checkpoints in between. I realized, that I have been living in a way where I am exciting for the next stage in life, and forgetting to live in the now. I am definitely not a New Years Resolution person, but I will consider it my new semester goal, is to enjoy the late nights I will have of studying and completing assignments. I won’t complain when I get to go to school in -10 degrees (now that’s obviously a lie), and lastly I just want to enjoy the my final moments as a college student. At this point I have no plans to move on to graduate school, but I have received a good job and will become a REAL adult. Never will I be in this position again, so I am going to live it up. It only took me 16 and half years of schooling to figure this out. 19 credits here I come!!!

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