The Fault In Our Stars

I’m not the biggest reader, and it is not some hidden fact. I once tried to read Gone With The Wind because I got it for my 16th birthday. When they started to talk about Ashley and Lauren I was like my mom got me a book about two girls falling in love? After that I stuck to Harry Potter… I have started to listen to books on my iPhone instead of reading. My brother Mitch lent me this one to listen to on my way home from Boise. It is a game changing book, when you think of kids with cancer you think SAD, DISMAL, and you just FEEL BAD for the infected. I don’t want to sound insensitive, but that is usually ones reaction. I loved this book because it changed the way I view the subject. It is about young kids who meet in a support group, all suffering from different life long aliments. It showed their good days and their bad days, it exposed their fears and their dreams they would never conquer. The characters often said “The world is not a dream granting machine.” Even with their cancer perks they did not fulfill every last one. Its a story of sadness, love, happiness, family, and TRUE FRIENDSHIP (Monica that does not include you- that’s why a blind teenager egged your car, tell your mom to go back inside). If you get the chance to read the book I encourage you to, your friends will thing you’re making it up when you try and explain it, and your mom will definitely think your making it up. However the lessons learned and the fictional characters you develop a relationship with will leave a mark on your heart…. In the words of Hazel and Gus…Okay

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