There is a God in this Darkness

usa_boston_bombing_mcx09_35250655 imagesThis past week many have questioned if there is a God. WHY do bad things happen!? It is never easy to see a life leave this earth, my heart goes out to all those who lost their lives and their families who are left behind to remain strong. What I have figured out for myself is that God gives each person agency. We come to earth and we can do whatever we want, that was the plan that was selected. It does not make peoples decisions good ones though. We may not ever fully understand the WHY but what we can rely on is that we will receive justice in Heaven for all of the wrongs done to us on earth. sonicAs I pondered those who lost their lives both in the marathon massacre as well as the unfortunate explosion in Texas I was reassured that there is a LOVING Heavenly Father that is meeting them and embracing them. His children are home. I was amazed at the stories of the GOOD PEOPLE who helped after these tragedies. Many kept running to give blood, held arteries to preserve life, offered their homes, and prayed. There are good people in the world. The good will always outweigh the bad if we look for it. Bad things are going to continue to happen there is nothing we can do to stop it, but what we can do is turn to God and rely on his love and his plan.


The Garden

threegirls Me- Chloe-Summer

thegardenAs a college student I try to stay as cultured as one can, without smelling like rotten milk… (that was a joke) I went to the play “The Garden”  staring one of my good friends Chloe Hanson. We tend to support ex-roommates, and that is exactly what she is. She has been doing quite a few plays with the Four Seasons Theater here in Logan Utah (link). This play was representing what Christ went through in the Garden of Gethsemane. It was a great representation of what our Savior went through for us. Everyone who was in the production was dressed in all black, which is my favorite color. Satan was well portrayed, maybe to good… The play is written by the infamous Michael McLean  who wrote “The Forgotten Carols.” I saw that play for the first time this last Christmas and loved it. This play is much shorter, and also has a great meaning to it. I know that my Savior suffered the Atonement for me, and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t use it. I am very proud of Chloe and her hard work, it was fun to see her thrive on stage!


My Life On an E-Card

mylife This E-CARD describes my every day life. I have been told multiple times that I am a blunt person, my question is, why does everyone think it is such a bad thing!? I try VERY hard not to be offensive, but why lie to someone just to make yourself look better, or them feel better?

Lets be honest….(no pun intended)… Everyone is thinking the truth but not everyone shares it. Now occasionally there are some miscommunications that occur and that’s life. Forgive and Forget or just pick new friends who have the same sarcasm as you.

In my Organizational Communication class one of our final papers is titled the “honesty paper.” We are supposed to go two days with complete honesty. I have been going for two days and have tried to be hyper aware of my honesty, and have said things that I had to take back because I had exaggerated them, or added to the story, but it was never intent of my message that had to be altered. I am not saying that I am AMAZING at telling the truth… But this exercise has helped me a lot, who knew what you learned in college could actually be useful? Try it out and let me know your experiences… or not whatever…

Blowing The Yoke

egg14RJBVttTz27LoDT2_86n5hIlsMG0MLri7OkQbavAfMsI know this is a little late…However it is still a great activity to do on a date, with kids, or if you are a trumpet player… An Easter tradition that my family participates is commonly refereed to as “blowing eggs.” I know it sounds absolutely disgusting, because honestly it kind of is… I realize now that my mother had us to this as a child to keep up busy and distracted for ours. She is the MASTER OF DISTRACTION, which makes her a wonderful mother. What you do is take just a regular egg and stick a pin or sewing needle through the top and bottom of the egg, and then you blow the yoke out. (I have included a gallery if you just don’t believe me). After, the eggs insides have been completely eliminated wash that sucker out and dry it off. After you apply tiny scrapes of tissue paper using water and glue.


It has become tradition for Rica to join my family for Easter while living in Utah. I begged her to come so we could participate in this awkward tradition. We were joined by my roommate Amanda and her Alaskan friend Kaylie and my brother who is not pictured. It was a great Easter full of friends, family and food! We only suffered one broken egg this year, I guess it was an Easter miracle…

Until Next Year Eggs!

This is the gallery of Freshman Year Easter

Sold- Human Sex Trafficking

images In January I went on a road trip with my brother and sister to Boise. On our drive we listened to this book. As we got into the car my brother asked if we wanted to listen to a human sex-trafficking book, sounded cheery…said no one ever. My sister and I accepted, and the story of Lakshmi begin to unravel in the novel Sold. She was a 13 year who lived with her family in a tiny hut in the mountains of Nepal. Her family is poor and is in desperate need of financial aid. Lakshmi’s step father introduces her to a stranger who is supposedly going to help her become a maid for a wealthy woman in the big city. Her step father sells her to this lady, and she is swept into the abusive trade of sex-trafficking. It is a eye opening book of a harsh reality. I found it intriguing in concurrence with my Child Abuse & Neglect class I am currently taking here at USU. I would highly recommend it, with the warning the book is about sex, and it is not always pleasant…. but it is definitely worth making it to the end, I won’t ruin it for you!

What are your thoughts on this book?

Buy the Book HERE


We Are All Converts…Stay True to Your Faith You Do Have

hollandqoutes All one has to say is ELDER HOLLAND and people will shut their mouths sit down and listen… Today he said something very prophetic, ” I am not asking you to pretend to have faith you do not have. I am asking you to be true to the faith you do have.” We do not just wake up and have faith it is something that takes time. Many times members find themselves pretending to have more faith then they do to just “fit in.” It’s okay to have that LITTLE seed of faith. It is something that will grow. We need to recognize that we might not know every detail but what we do know we can be true to. What I want to point out is that we are all CONVERTS, whether we are born into the  church or found by missionaries the process is the same. It is OUR job to to find our faith and to exercise it.

For most of my freshman & sophomore year of college I had stopped reading the Book of Mormon. I decided I needed a break because I could not see the blessings, I was looking in all of the wrong places. One day the Sister Missionaries came to my apartment, they said that if I read the Book of Mormon I would see blessings in my life and the love of God. At the time I thought it was a silly notion, but I wanted to see what would happen if I did read the whole book. I decided to read it every day that semester. I started out with that little piece of faith…and it grew! At the end of the semester I knelt down on my 20th birthday and prayed about The Book of Mormon. I had finally felt the truth of the book that others had testified of. I started to read with only an inclination  and I stayed true to it. If I would not have paid attention to that little twinge of faith, I wouldn’t have picked up that book. I now have a strong testimony of something at the time I felt was overwhelming and even impossible to believe. Elder Holland said it, be true to the faith you do have…big or little

You can listen to his talk here 🙂

Elder Hollands Talk

Our Foundation is Firm, but is our Agency?

alllnj Today I had the opportunity to listen to General Conference. It is something that happens every 6 months, that the LDS faith participates in. Many of the talks were centered on the roles of a man and a women. I was happy that the church was clarifying these roles because of the beliefs that other women are conjuring up on their own. What I learned is that the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints is not one where the values are shifted because of popular belief, but it is a church that has built their foundation upon a rock. The laws and ordinances and the keys of the Priesthood have been fully restored to this earth. The church was officially reorganized at the Peter Whitmer Farm this day in 1830. I have been there, I have stood on that ground, and I have felt the spirit confirm to me, that this is the true church. I have been given a position and I need to exemplify it. I am not here to change God’s plans but to follow them with strict obedience. I feel the equality between men and women through God’s love and the blessings he provides. In the quote on my brother and sister-in-laws wedding photograph it says “The Gospel…is the only concern of the church.” The gospel is the ONLY CONCERN! We should be focusing on sharing this “good news” with others rather than debating our roles. We have been given an outline it is our turn to write the paper… In the end how we portray our roles will be judged by our loving Heavenly Father. All I can say is that if you feel concern about the roles we have been given as a man and a women, then study it out in your mind, pray about it, fast about it, and then trust God. God gives the commandments but he gives us the agency…How will you choose?


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