We Are All Converts…Stay True to Your Faith You Do Have

hollandqoutes All one has to say is ELDER HOLLAND and people will shut their mouths sit down and listen… Today he said something very prophetic, ” I am not asking you to pretend to have faith you do not have. I am asking you to be true to the faith you do have.” We do not just wake up and have faith it is something that takes time. Many times members find themselves pretending to have more faith then they do to just “fit in.” It’s okay to have that LITTLE seed of faith. It is something that will grow. We need to recognize that we might not know every detail but what we do know we can be true to. What I want to point out is that we are all CONVERTS, whether we are born into the  church or found by missionaries the process is the same. It is OUR job to to find our faith and to exercise it.

For most of my freshman & sophomore year of college I had stopped reading the Book of Mormon. I decided I needed a break because I could not see the blessings, I was looking in all of the wrong places. One day the Sister Missionaries came to my apartment, they said that if I read the Book of Mormon I would see blessings in my life and the love of God. At the time I thought it was a silly notion, but I wanted to see what would happen if I did read the whole book. I decided to read it every day that semester. I started out with that little piece of faith…and it grew! At the end of the semester I knelt down on my 20th birthday and prayed about The Book of Mormon. I had finally felt the truth of the book that others had testified of. I started to read with only an inclination  and I stayed true to it. If I would not have paid attention to that little twinge of faith, I wouldn’t have picked up that book. I now have a strong testimony of something at the time I felt was overwhelming and even impossible to believe. Elder Holland said it, be true to the faith you do have…big or little

You can listen to his talk here 🙂

Elder Hollands Talk

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