Even Old People Have Fun

I just thought this might cheer anyone up 🙂 Cheers to the ELDERLY, they are my absolute favorite.



YOUTH, you will face challenges every day, like President Monson said, it is inevitable. We cannot PICK and CHOOSE the trials we go through, but we can CHOOSE how we get through them. It is our attitude and pure hearts that will help us make it through the trial. I know that many of you are “looking the bull in the eye” right now. What I have come to learn is that through the atonement, Heavenly Father will give us that strength we need to get through the unfortunate events. It all starts with our FAITH! Our FAITH in the atonement will give us strength as we stare the adversary in the eye…

Now the question is how will you face the challenge?

Behind Enemy Lines

“I say again that youth today are being raised in enemy territory with a declining standard of morality.” -Boyd K. Packer

I loved the talk Counsel to the youth that Elder Packer of the quorum of the 12 apostles gave in the October 2011 General Conference. He spoke to the youth! He talked about how the youth are being raised in enemy territory, and honestly that is the best way to describe it. Youth, you are behind enemy lines. There is so much sleaze around us in this world, that we start out on the wrong side. In the talk he gave a great story about listening to the Holy Ghost. I think that is one of greatest tools as we go out into battle in enemy territory. I know that as we continue to read the Book of Mormon, Pray, attend Seminary, and go to Church, it will only act as ammo for the Holy Ghost to work with us. Youth, you have the chance to be in this dangerous territory, use it to your advantage. It is time to suit up for battle and win :]
“If you are slipping into things that you should not slip into or if you are associating with people who are pulling you away in the wrong direction, that is the time to assert your independence, your agency. Listen to the voice of the Spirit, and you will not be led astray.”
-Boyd K. Packer

The Only Drug I Need is LOVE

“I must also say a word concerning illicit drugs. You know how I feel about them. I don’t care what the variety may be. They will destroy you if pursued. You will become their slave. Once in their power, you will do anything to get money to buy more. ”  -President Hinckley

“I was amazed while watching a television program to learn that parents introduced drugs to their children in 20 percent of the cases. I cannot understand what I regard as the stupidity of these parents. What future other than slavery for their children could they see in them? Illegal drugs will utterly destroy those who become addicted to them.”

-President Hinckley
While serving a mission I was been able to see MANY people with addictions. It is truly the hardest thing for those we taught to overcome. The addiction runs their lives and controls them completely. It can be anything from alcohol, cigarettes to hard drugs. President Hinckley is right when he says you become a slave. We taught a family about the Word of Wisdom. At the end of it they brought us all of their cigarettes. We gladly took them so it was no longer a temptation. Even though the temptation was gone they have still had problems, the addiction overcomes you and you feel you can not say no.
   I was able to teach the Word of Wisdom a lot throughout my mission. After praying about a particular woman we were working with I had a dream. In my dream we had sat down with her and she had put all of her cigarettes on the table. One by one we took a sharpie and we wrote things that she was missing out on life because of her addiction. When I woke up, I realized that was my answer. Later that day we wrote on the cigarettes with her and in the end it helped her to quite smoking.
If you feel the need to try something that you KNOW you shouldn’t, stop and pray. Ask your loving Heavenly Father to give you the strength to overcome the temptation…Don’t become a slave to something that will only cost you.
“My advice, my pleading to you wonderful young men and women, is to stay entirely away from them. You don’t need to experiment with them. Look about you and see the effects they have had on others. There is no need for any Latter-day Saint boy or girl, young man or young woman, to even try them. Stay clean from these mind-altering and habit-forming addictions.”
                                                                           -President Hinckley

Pictures With a Price

“And while I speak of such matters I want to give emphasis again to the matter of pornography. It has become a $10 billion industry in the United States, where a few men grow rich at the expense of thousands upon thousands who are their victims. Stay away from it. It is exciting, but it will destroy you. It will warp your senses. It will build within you an appetite that you will do anything to appease. And don’t try to create associations through the Internet and chat rooms. They can lead you down into the very abyss of sorrow and bitterness.”
-President Hinckley

We complain about prices of gas, clothes, food, and housing. Now I am going to complain about the price of pornography. I love what President Hinckley said about it, you will do anything to appease that addiction, that is a price that we CAN NOT afford to pay. The addiction of pornography is a scary one, it is not worth the heart ache that comes with it. Not only is the person who is committing the sin harmed but family members and friends.
The addiction starts with the simple things, the curiosity. We need to make sure we are staying away from things that can arouse those feelings and that addiction. I know that many families don’t even keep underwear adds in their house because it can trigger that curiosity. Try and keep yourself as far away from the adversary as you can. I know it sounds hard! However it starts with one bad movie or song, something which seems so innocent which leads to a price that is much too high to pay…….If you have an addiction now, its not too late, seek help from parents, bishops and your loving Heavenly Father.

Home Sweet Home

homesweethome Many people outside of the Mormon faith think that what happens in the temple is SECRET. I am here to tell you that the things that happen within the Temple are SACRED. Tonight as I was finishing up some work, I felt a prompting to go to the temple. I jumped straight out of bed, threw on some clothes and jetted to the Temple. As I sat waiting for the SESSION to start I was prompted to read Joseph Smith History. I reflected on Joseph and his quest to find an answer. I felt like I could relate in a miniscule way. I am moving to a new place wondering if I should take night classes, focus on work, and even where I should live. I have not yet “moved” to Boise, and so everything is still the unknown. Tonight I felt as if all of the questions were similar to the darkness Joseph Smith experienced before he literally had his answer descend in front of him. I was reassured that all of my questioning thoughts would pass and the darkness would clear. It is amazing what clarity the Temple, scriptures, and prayer can bring to ones life. Have questions about the temple, turn to the truth click HERE 🙂

A True Millennial

true mill I recently graduated from Utah State University with my Bachelors degree. I am a classic Millennial, definitely a narcissist, and not afraid of telling you that I am moving back into my parents house… At least it’s not the basement, it’s the top floor! Growing up, my dreams never included bunking it up with the rents again, but sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I’m not necessarily lazy though. I do have my Netflix binges and Hulu hibernation’s, but when it comes to work all I can think of is the infamous Rosie The Riveter and her phrase “We can do it.” I have accepted a full time job, a REAL BIG GIRL JOB. I get to work the classic 9-5 life style and wear the classy clothes. The position I have accepted allows me to drown myself in this ME ME ME Generation. I am a Social Media Manager, and will spend most of my day on the hit social networking sites that are said to be so time consuming…I hope they consume all of my time, time’s money! How I will SAVE all of you, I have no idea, when I have it figured out I will let you know.

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