Home Sweet Home

homesweethome Many people outside of the Mormon faith think that what happens in the temple is SECRET. I am here to tell you that the things that happen within the Temple are SACRED. Tonight as I was finishing up some work, I felt a prompting to go to the temple. I jumped straight out of bed, threw on some clothes and jetted to the Temple. As I sat waiting for the SESSION to start I was prompted to read Joseph Smith History. I reflected on Joseph and his quest to find an answer. I felt like I could relate in a miniscule way. I am moving to a new place wondering if I should take night classes, focus on work, and even where I should live. I have not yet “moved” to Boise, and so everything is still the unknown. Tonight I felt as if all of the questions were similar to the darkness Joseph Smith experienced before he literally had his answer descend in front of him. I was reassured that all of my questioning thoughts would pass and the darkness would clear. It is amazing what clarity the Temple, scriptures, and prayer can bring to ones life. Have questions about the temple, turn to the truth click HERE 🙂

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