Save the 300

Clare Vaterlaus-Social Media Tip- Echelon GroupOver Labor Day weekend 300 teens decided to create some memories they would not soon forget. In Stephentown, New York Brian Holloway’s second home was broken into where the teens partied all night long. Brian, who is an Ex-NFL New England offensive lineman decided to handle the situation in an unusual way that has caused controversy. My first reaction would be to call the police and press charges; instead Brian gave a call to action for these youth, by creating a website The website was compiled of pictures, tweets, and posts that he gathered and re-posted. Brian offered the opportunity to the wrongful youth to seek redemption by attending a picnic where they would work together to clean up the estimated $20-30,000 worth of damage. Only one teen showed up to help. Instead of accepting this offer graciously, parents broke out in rage and are looking into suing Brian because re-posted their information on the internet. As a Social Media Consultant, I looked at this and thought about how ignorant these teenagers are, not only their physical actions but what they felt was okay to post online. There is a distinct disconnect for Social Media users and the idea of permanency. Social Media users are uninformed of the toll their social presence can have on their present and future lives. I attended a Social Media Conference on September 25, 2013, led by Corey Smith, who stated that everything he posts is strategically calculated before hitting send. I cannot agree more. What goes onto Social Media sites can be searched by future colleges, employers, spouses, and those already intimidating future in-laws. It is vital in this digital age to think before you click. My intentions of this piece were not to encourage other teens to hide their indiscretions better, I am merely using this as an example of what social media can do to your life when you are not careful.

Clare Vaterlaus-Social Media Tip- Echelon GroupEchelon Group Brian Holloway Save the 300Brian Holloway came out on Thursday September 26th stating that their chance for redemption was over. Only 4 teens came forth and will not be pressed with charges. Brian handed all of the information to the local police who begin pressing charges to the youth that remain hidden. Brian expects a wave of arrests in the next few months. This is a reason why we need to think before we click. On a lighter note, I wonder if they will let the teens take a selfie behind bars…

Clare Vaterlaus-Prison SelfieThis is me in a jail cell in Alaska, I asked the officer if I could see one. I got there and he literally asked me if I would like to take a picture… Prison Selfie!

I also published this post on Echelon Group Inc.

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