You Tell That Zoo Keeper!

Aunt Clare VaterlausOne of my favorite things about being a #truemillennial is living with my family. I look forward to coming home from work and being hugged by my little guy (my 1 year old nephew), and then hearing about my older niece and nephew’s day at school. Yesterday, I came home and my sister showed me what she was given at the parent teacher conference. I literally could not stop laughing. Hayes is a bright little 6 year old who reads at a 3rd grade level, and has the wit of an adult. On his test he had given a few different solutions, but his last comment to the teacher was what left me in a laughing fit. “P.S I’ed let some of my monkeys starve.”  I love the way kids think 🙂 If this doesn’t brighten your day I don’t know what will!


Mormon Culture: I’ve Got a Feeling…

looking down the tunnelAs a #TrueMillennial sometimes it is hard to feel like a real adult. Perhaps we would act more adult like if we were treated that way. Last night I attended a Young SINGLE Adult ward activity. Don’t get me wrong, the activity was well planned and the people in attendance were all pleasant. I just am usually not too big on these, the forced interaction until you find someone of the opposite sex to shove that eternal cake into their face on your wedding day, it just doesn’t get me fired up. I am even dating someone currently and was not boy-hunting at the event and felt uncomfortable. The “chaperones” of the night were constantly walking through the gym, not talking to us, but monitoring us, doing hand checks. I mean honestly, if I was going to get frisky with a boy, do you think I would come to a church event to do it, let alone come to the event at all? I completely understand that my choices affect my future. To be fair, not all of our “chaperones” did this, but I feel that many activities are like this and seem to be the common theme. I remember reading a blog post a year ago on this very topic (I can’t remember which one) that went on to describe this concept: How can we be expected to do adult things like choose to get married and have a family, when we are not treated in a way that can facilitate it. I had mentioned this to my boyfriend and he brought up the point, it won’t change it’s Mormon Culture.This is not meant to be a rant against the Mormon culture. There are many who have adapted to it and enjoy it. If there is anyone out there like me, it is hard to be treated like a teen or child just because you are not married. Sometimes I wonder if our current culture hinders us rather than helps us. While serving a mission in Palmyra, all of the site sister met in the temple. The temple president said to us, many of you might not marry, prepare for that, prepare to provide for yourself. This is something that not only shocked me, but many other sisters. As I graduated college, ring-less might I add, I realized that the life of a spinster might be in my future. I started to prepare to provide for myself. I have a college degree, served an LDS mission, have a full-time job with benefits, and own a 39” smart television and Kitchen Aid… I am an adult, what else do you need? I want to date like an adult. So that if marriage becomes an option I am prepared to handle it like an adult. When you go through the ups and downs of marriage, making blanket forts and going to chaperoned dances will not be the answer, still a fun activity to do, but will not help with the trials that come your way. If we can’t be trusted to handle ourselves without stepping over a boundary at a church event, how are we expected to have a successful and faithful marriage? Am I the only one who feels this way? Just some thoughts….


(Read it lightly, I did use some sarcasm, (C)LV2013)

Leaving Harry…

Clare Vaterlaus Reading What she saw

When I was little, my mother refused to read me Dr. Seuss books…For good reason. She tried to read them to us, but every 5 seconds we would say whats a lumix, what’s a sneedle, what’s a fiffer-feffer-feff? She couldn’t take it, and I don’t blame her. She continued with books like the Box Car kids, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, and then we hit the infamous Harry Potter era. Need I say more? I became obsessed and I could not leave HP alone, I grew up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Through the years they were the only books I would read, I have read them and listened to them at least 14 times each. I suffered from Harry Potter Syndrome.The trio and I would go on adventures to the Chamber of Secrets, we would fight off dementors. I have never hated someone more than I did Professor Umbridge, and her disgusting pink outfits. I learned what snogging was, I dreamed that one day I would get that letter. I was with them in the end when we defeated the Dark Lord (Spoiler alert #sorrynotsorry). I had not expanded my literary library, but had stuck to what was safe, I already knew the ending. Once I got to college I figured I had no time to read anything but text books. Now that I am graduated I am still trying to find excuses to not read. I am learning as I work and have networked with others around Boise, that it is important to be well-read. So here I am on a journey to read to help me be a better person, and to help me in my career. I am on a journey to learn more and go to places I have never been. I have been working on the 65 books to read in your 20’s, because I am a twenty-something with a lot to learn. I have made it through a few books and finding that I ENJOY reading, and find myself unable to put the book down. I don’t know if I will make it through all 65 books, let’s be honest I still prefer television and the Walking Dead is still on. In college I worked at an After School Program where I got to read to elementary kids, and I developed a passion and love for Dr. Seuss. He says it perfectly, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Check out my book page to see which ones I have read and if they are worth it or not…

Learning to Love Goals Through Toothpaste

Simple Goals, Learning to Love goalsI hate goals. It’s plain and simple. You can ask any of my mission companions, and they would tell you that I was not very good at them. Either I set them too high or not at all. I know I am a sinner…But my repentance has come, I set a goal and I accomplished it. Many might think it was a stupid goal, and all I can say is I AGREE. I set two NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. The first was to not eat white cream filled Oreo’s, and the second was to put the cap back on the toothpaste every time until the tube was empty. I have accomplished the later goal and am going strong on the first. I went through an ENTIRE tube of Colgate (product placement-my blog is selling out like Duck Dynasty is) toothpaste with putting the lid back on.

Here are some things that I am proud of:

* I’m still talking about my New Year’s Resolutions in October… because I finished it!

* I learned that I could set a goal and keep it

* The most important thing I learned goals become habits

Did my goal start as a joke? Why, yes it did. However, as I progressed through the toothpaste tube I realized the goal begin to mean something. I would be sitting in bed after brushing my teeth at night and realize that I didn’t put the cap back on. Instead of going to sleep, I would get back up to close it, and remind myself that I had set a goal. This silly experiment has helped me in other areas of my life. It has given me the confidence to set bigger and better goals. These patterns have helped me especially in my scripture reading and saying my prayers. I learned how to set a goal with something silly and learned to turn it into something worthwhile. For you goal haters I recommend trying to set a simple goal like I did, and learn to develop a passion for setting goals. When you have that passion any goal can be accomplished.


Who Done It?

clott murderI enjoy the month of October because it is a month that allows you to pretend. It allows us to mask our faces behind those Duck Dynasty Beards, the now infamous skanky ghost costume, or the classic “witch” costume. Scott and I (#clott) attended our first MURDER MYSTERY DINNER. It was a night to remember. We were given an invitation with our characters names and back stories. I was to be “Dee,” a girl who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Her dad a drunk, and her brother imprisoned, she was determined to make something of herself…or so she thought! Scott was “Joe,” the agent/director of a famous musician Rock N’ Roley who had gone missing right before our class reunion. We dressed up as we were told, and we entered the house and the games began. The house was decorated as if it was a fifties diner, with the record player on (no, literally they had one playing). With root-beers in hand we both got into character and started to piece together this mystery. The first round was played followed by hors d’oeuvres, and then a course following each round. The night was filled with delicious food, good company, and a murderer.  With each round we had information given to us that began to shape the game. By the third round I had found out that I was an undercover FBI agent who was back for the reunion to take care of someone, other than Rock N’ Roley. My cover was that I was a first year law student in Washington D.C. Scott was a gambler, and a bitter man who envied the rock star and had wished him dead. In the final round we handed our books to the player on our left and the truth was revealed. It was CAL! He was the murderer. He was the geek from high school that had grown into a well known genius. I learned my lesson, never underestimate the nerd 🙂  I had no idea that dinner could be so much fun!

Julia Davis Park: My Community Connection

Julia Davis Park is undergoing a major renovation as it celebrates its first one hundred years. Julia Davis Park is a municipal park located in downtown Boise, Idaho. The history began with two orphans, Thomas and Frank Davis in 1862, when they traveled from Ohio to Idaho to participate in the gold rush. Toward the end of the 1800’s, Thomas and his wife Julia had donated part of their land to the city of Boise for a park. After Julia died, from what they presumed was typhoid, the city paid one dollar and acquired the deed to the 40 acres which would be forever known as the Julia Davis Park.

Captial XC team 2007One of the featured items of the renovation is the Rotary Grand Plaza. The new Rotary Grand Plaza will be similar to the Grove downtown, and will be a gathering place for kids to play or even for couples to exchange vows. The Rotary Clubs of Boise have been working toward their donation goal of $150,000, through many events and fundraising opportunities. I ran many cross country races for Capital High School that wrapped through Julia Davis Park. In return for the fond memories of my cross country days I made a $100 contribution to the renovation of the Park at the Julia Davis Gala. If you are interested in making a donation to help the history of the Julia Davis Park to continue, click here.

Also posted on my work website: Echelon Group


“Women Should…”

Women ShouldMy friend Rica sent me this article and said I should write a blog on it. I was thoroughly disappointed with my results upon my experimentation of using Google Auto-complete. I don’t know what upset me more the picture included in the article or what I found when I went to Google and started to type in “Women Should…” The results matched just what the article had said:

“Women should not speak in church”

“Women should be seen and not heard”

“Women should not work”

The article even went on to say that the algorithm is constantly being tweaked but the results are not better:

“Women need to shut up”

“Women shouldn’t go to college”

The question now is, is this Google driven, or are they really the most popular search items? All I can say is, “Women Should…” do what they want! We are strong and powerful. We have things to do in this world. We must continue to voice our opinions and live our lives. Don’t let the biases dictate your outcomes. What are your thoughts on this? 

p.s Google “Men Should…”



Elder Riehle: Ghana

Elder Riehle This blog is not one written necessarily by the Elder, but is compiled of emails from him. He was one of my EFY boys a few years ago, and it is exciting to see how well he is doing. His letters home show that he is serving a good mission and is where he needs to be. His clever title “It’s Ghana be the best two years” explains him perfectly. Take a look through his blog and what the progression of the Gospel of Jesus Christ looks like in Ghana.

Elder Bruner: Rochester New York

Brain Image This image caught me off guard. At first I thought it was an art piece. After reading through the blog post, I realized it was something much more. It comes from a post by Elder Bruner, who is currently serving in the New York Rochester Mission. From his blog I learned that we need to listen to those promptings that we get from our Heavenly Father. He had the ability to keep me on the edge of my seat and I felt spiritually uplifted. Check out his blog to see what this picture is really all about!

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