Anti-Cyber Bullying Awareness Month

Clare Vaterlaus-Anti Cyber Bullying Month

Clare Vaterlaus- Cyber Bullying ChartToday marks the start of one of my favorite months of the year, October. There are many who share this love. Perhaps they love scary movies and feel the need to watch even the Human Centipede (don’t Google unless you want to throw up). There are others who take obsessive amounts of pictures of gourds (follow kenzilawlor on instagram) and let’s not forget our Pinterest pumpkin flavored obsessed friends. For me, the smell of fall means ANTI-CYBER BULLYING AWARENESS MONTH!!! I have a deep passion for putting a stop to cyber bullying. Many are still unaware of what cyber bullying is, I have included Google’s definition. As the death toll of cyber-bully victims rise, it is evident something needs to be done. Cyber bullying is often questioned because it is “behind the scenes,” sometimes the things that are hidden are what hurts the most. Having the ability to sit behind a computer screen and type whatever one feels, especially in anonymity is dangerous. It is vital to THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK, once something is sent, it can never be taken back. There are many great resources available for those being bullied that will be discussed throughout October. Together we can raise awareness and help spread the knowledge to end cyber bullying.

Clare Vaterlaus- Cyber Bullying Chart

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