One Click Can Ruin a Life

Cyber Bullying- Clare VaterlausOctober is the month to make people aware of Cyber Bullying and the effects that it can have on young people. Throughout my college career I spent most of my time in my women’s and gender classes studying about cyber bullying and the lasting effects that it can have. It is the silent killer, it is something that most parents don’t see coming. It doesn’t leave physical marks, only deep emotional wounds. We are all familiar with the classic school yard bully like Biff from Back to the Future, Regina from Mean Girls, and Farkus the fiery red head from A Christmas Story. These bullies have one thing in common; they are in your FACE! Their actions can be seen by others, and the victims can be recognized.  Today’s cyber bullies are masters of stealth and have the ability to tear someone down with the touch of a button. They are cowards as they hide behind their screens, and torment their peers. “According to 2013 Bureau of Justice Statistics, one in three teens report being bullied, and one in two students report being cyber bullied (PRWEB).” The statistic is astounding and devastating. ONE of every TWO teens has been cyber bullied. What we need to teach is that one click can ruin a life. It is time to take a stand and be a friend instead of a bully. Like Brian Taylor, President and CEO of Scenario Learning stated, “Every child deserves to go to school free of fear.” If you are a victim seek help, and if you are a bully it is time to STOP.

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