Bear Meets Bird

Clare Vaterlaus and Scott Bird Many of you have been exposed to my obsessive posting of #CLOTT (= Clare + Scott) the new relationship that has consumed my time. I am not shy to say that I am not good at the relationship thing, it has always been something scary. I had been under the impression that a boy would just ask me to be his wife and my dad would give him something in return. As I received my diploma with no ring on that finger, I thought to myself, a spinster I would be (lets be honest, I would just spend all of my time on Pinterest). As I began my summer working for EFY I thought perhaps that would be my last hope to find someone that would save me from a life of hipster cat pictures (because I don’t like real ones). As the summer ended I still found myself totally and completely single. My initial thoughts of moving to Boise were not positive ones. In my mind it was the Island of Misfit Toys, and I was the broken jack-in-the-box from Elf. I accepted this and made the move to Boise to start my life as a Social Media Consultant. I decided to do something I would usually not do with out much influence, I attended an Institute class. The class did not have my usual type the big 6’6, 260lbs boys so once again, I thought there was no hope. It was August 27th when I said hello to Scott Bird. We talked for a few minutes, and then I told him I had to go for some dumb reason (in reality it was to watch the Mindy Project). It was when I got home that I started to think about Scott, and couldn’t wait to see him again. As some of you know, I had predicted that I would meet someone to date on September 3, and I had faith in it. That next Tuesday (YES SEPT.3) that Mr. Bird asked me for my number. Since that first weekend we went splunking we have spent every evening together getting to know one another. We have been to graveyards, hidden cities, four wheeling, glow in the dark golfing, bike riding, and he even watches shows with me. It’s crazy what can happen when you let God guide your life, rather then control it yourself. Good things always come when we follow the promptings from the Lord, which for me was moving back to Boise. I have also found that when you focus just on dating and don’t worry about the future at first it is a lot less stressful to date. Just focus on getting to know each other and have fun, a relationship is meant to be built and not assembled. Mr. Bird is a stallion, and he makes my heart tweet…Get the pun?

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