High Maintenance Mac Snob

Clare Vaterlaus DIY I will come out and say it…I am somewhat high maintenance, and I am okay with it. Post LDS mission I decided it was time to doll my face up to bring the boys out. I couldn’t stay single forever. What I realized was, make up was so much fun. My Christmas present that year was a MAC gift card, in itself it was a Christmas miracle. Since then I can’t put anything else on my face. I have become a MAC snob. It was a problem that escalated quickly and became a hot mess. One day I was pinteresting and I found this gem. I am usually not one to try things like this out, knowing they will most likely backfire, but I said YOLO. So my niece and I went antiquing and found this 2012 gem, so old! We bought some circle magnets from Walmart and we then put it together. And. Now. I. Am. Obsessed. I have so much more room for activities and my bathroom stays clean (for like two days now). This should be a requirement for every women in America. A makeup board. Your face is an art piece, it should be treated that way.

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