Who Done It?

clott murderI enjoy the month of October because it is a month that allows you to pretend. It allows us to mask our faces behind those Duck Dynasty Beards, the now infamous skanky ghost costume, or the classic “witch” costume. Scott and I (#clott) attended our first MURDER MYSTERY DINNER. It was a night to remember. We were given an invitation with our characters names and back stories. I was to be “Dee,” a girl who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Her dad a drunk, and her brother imprisoned, she was determined to make something of herself…or so she thought! Scott was “Joe,” the agent/director of a famous musician Rock N’ Roley who had gone missing right before our class reunion. We dressed up as we were told, and we entered the house and the games began. The house was decorated as if it was a fifties diner, with the record player on (no, literally they had one playing). With root-beers in hand we both got into character and started to piece together this mystery. The first round was played followed by hors d’oeuvres, and then a course following each round. The night was filled with delicious food, good company, and a murderer.  With each round we had information given to us that began to shape the game. By the third round I had found out that I was an undercover FBI agent who was back for the reunion to take care of someone, other than Rock N’ Roley. My cover was that I was a first year law student in Washington D.C. Scott was a gambler, and a bitter man who envied the rock star and had wished him dead. In the final round we handed our books to the player on our left and the truth was revealed. It was CAL! He was the murderer. He was the geek from high school that had grown into a well known genius. I learned my lesson, never underestimate the nerd 🙂  I had no idea that dinner could be so much fun!

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