Learning to Love Goals Through Toothpaste

Simple Goals, Learning to Love goalsI hate goals. It’s plain and simple. You can ask any of my mission companions, and they would tell you that I was not very good at them. Either I set them too high or not at all. I know I am a sinner…But my repentance has come, I set a goal and I accomplished it. Many might think it was a stupid goal, and all I can say is I AGREE. I set two NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. The first was to not eat white cream filled Oreo’s, and the second was to put the cap back on the toothpaste every time until the tube was empty. I have accomplished the later goal and am going strong on the first. I went through an ENTIRE tube of Colgate (product placement-my blog is selling out like Duck Dynasty is) toothpaste with putting the lid back on.

Here are some things that I am proud of:

* I’m still talking about my New Year’s Resolutions in October… because I finished it!

* I learned that I could set a goal and keep it

* The most important thing I learned goals become habits

Did my goal start as a joke? Why, yes it did. However, as I progressed through the toothpaste tube I realized the goal begin to mean something. I would be sitting in bed after brushing my teeth at night and realize that I didn’t put the cap back on. Instead of going to sleep, I would get back up to close it, and remind myself that I had set a goal. This silly experiment has helped me in other areas of my life. It has given me the confidence to set bigger and better goals. These patterns have helped me especially in my scripture reading and saying my prayers. I learned how to set a goal with something silly and learned to turn it into something worthwhile. For you goal haters I recommend trying to set a simple goal like I did, and learn to develop a passion for setting goals. When you have that passion any goal can be accomplished.


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