Sister Smithson: Rochester New York

Sister SmithsonYes obviously I have a deep connection with the Rochester mission and so many of the blogs I share come from missionaries who are serving there. I am a huge believe of doing Missionary Work Online. As one of the first missionaries to participate in the Pilot Program in the New York Rochester Mission, it is something that has directed my life. Most missionaries have success in the field, but most of mine was done online. I encourage missionaries to put time and thought into their posts, because they can change lives. With that in mind, here is another missionary blog to add to my treasure box! While scanning through my Facebook Feed today I saw this one and spent some time going through her posts. I was impressed, she shows authenticity in her posts and seems to be a dedicated Sister Missionary… and an excited one! Take a look at her blog, and spread it around. I am sure she would love comments and questions. Her blog is titled The Call of a Lifetime, she could not have put it any better. Receiving a mission call is truly the call of a lifetime.

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