Dear Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

seida_viral_photo-620x412Dear Lara Croft: Tomb Raider-

Today I got on Facebook and saw your letter to the world and I just want to say “Atta Girl!” I know you are now internet famous, but to me it is for a different reason. In my book you are famous for standing up for yourself. I want to publicly apologize for those who said mean things to you, they might have the legal right to say the heinous things they said, but it is not kind. As I read your story, I learned of your health struggles. It isn’t something you can control, I applaud you for exercising and putting up with your aliments. I want to tell you that most people say mean things because they have their own insecurities. When they say it on the internet they are just cowards. I can’t imagine the feelings you have felt since you have gone internet famous, and the things you have heard. So this is what I want you to hear from me…No matter how much you weigh you are still pretty, likeable, and worth something.The fact that you stood up for yourself, shows that you have the self-confidence that the women who are bashing you would die for. You didn’t let the harassment get to you and let it tear you down. You are a good person. I don’t know if you are religious person, or what you believe in, but you should know this… You are a daughter of God and are worth something. No matter the God you believe in, that’s a fact. You keep your head up, and continue to be the female stallion that you are. I hope you don’t mind I used your now infamous picture, but added a few things.

Best wishes,


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