Miley’s Newest Song: I Came In Like a Rainbow

Miely Cyrus RAINBOWOkay, I know that I am not always the sharpest tool in the shed, but I do like to think that I am somewhat familiar with pop culture. I have even dedicated more of my time to listening to the radio on my daily commute. I have enjoyed listening to the ridiculous radio show host’s and wonder what they look like, I like to think I might be a winner of one of these Jay-Z concert tickets, and enjoy finishing my day with a little bit of Clarissa Jenkins. Along with the radio banter I hear some of the same songs over and over and over again. One that is constantly played is one of the infamous Miley Cyrus. After her major twerk incident on national television, radio stations were constantly playing her songs so they could talk about her. Early one morning one of her songs came on, and I was like this is the dumbest song in America, “I CAME IN LIKE A RAINBOW?” I thought, Miley has done it now, she had even put a description to how a rainbow makes an entrance. At first I despised the song, and then I had a similar reaction to Emma Stone in Easy A and her card with I’ve Got a Pocket Full of Sunshine. I craved for the song to come onto the radio, because I couldn’t find it online. It perplexed me that she could write a song about how she came in like a rainbow, I contemplated the meaning. Maybe she was referring to her self as a pot of gold, or that her personality included all the colors of the rainbow, or she really only performs well when life is wet, dark, and dreary. It made me question life a little bit… That is when I decided to run this song past my friend Amanda. One day after work I called her and asked if she had heard Miley’s newest song “I came in like a rainbow?” She responded with no, is it any good? I started to sing it for her, and then the she started laughing so hard that I thought she was possibly possessed. Amanda said no Clare, it’s “I came in like a wrecking ball.” Well I can now consider that my most embarrassing moment in 2013… Miley hoodwinked me again, oh that Hannah Montana! But seriously in my defense go listen to the song and see if you hear “I came in like a rainbow”, I bet it’s her next song…

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