Meeting Everlee

Meeting Everlee, the Best aunt in all the lands Clare VaterlausOver this past month everyone has shared what they were thankful for in honor of Thanksgiving. I am not late doing this, even though November is over, I am still thankful. For Thanksgiving this year we did our usual thing, we drove to Utah to spend it with my grandparents, the Quayles. I have always loved this tradition, especially now that I don’t live there 24/7. I got to ride down in the big truck, before we left I was so excited with the idea I would have the entire back seat to myself to lay down and sleep. As 1 of 6 it is something you always look forward to. Well that was presumptuous of me. I thought the whole reason of having a truck was so you could throw things in the back. Apparently not, the extended families Christmas gifts took up pretty much the whole back seat and I was left to a little corner of the truck, #firstworldproblems. I felt the excitement creep into my body as we got close, I was excited to see my siblings, grandparents, aunt’s, uncles, cousins, and especially my niece. I am a family junkie, I enjoy being with them at all times, in all places, and in all things (totally copied the yw theme there). The days were filled with talking, shopping, eating, movies, and even some crafting. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I was happy to be there. My brother Alex and his wife Justene, were not able to make it to the big dinner, and so I awaited their arrival on Sunday morning. I wanted to be the first one to hold this brand new baby, selfish? Yes it was, but look at her, she is adorable! I had texted my brother and he said he was close, I had purposely left my aunts house quietly so I could reach my grandmothers house with out any side kicks who could steal the baby from me. As they pulled up in their car, I saw from my peripheral view my mom running towards my grandmothers house with one thing in mind…the baby. Now, I learned my lesson after the last nephew (whole other story), that grandmas will always hold the baby before a measly aunt or uncle gets the opportunity. But this time, she had already held her, I was one of the last siblings to meet her. I tried to lock my mom out of the house, but after some laughing she got in. Alex and Justene followed, with EVERLEE. She was here, it was real. I got to hold her. I had beat my mom. It was such an incredible feeling to hold something so little, and precious. It reminded me of how powerful God is and what he can do. He has the ability to do all things, including giving us these little humans that make us so happy. I am thankful for that. Three minutes into holding her, none other than my mother, came and stole the baby right from me. My mom kept saying how Everlee just needed a hug from her grandma… The rest of the morning we took turns holding her. I even was brave enough to change her diaper, which turned into a fiasco. After cleaning her up, she peed everywhere (except for on me) and ended up in a whole new outfit. I am impressed by you mothers, I was tired after that, and thoroughly disgusted from the baby bodily functions. We did the wave and they were off. At this point all I had on my mind was, finally the back seat to myself…Once again I was wrong, it was full of those Black Friday Deals, but at least I got to meet my newest niece, Everlee 🙂

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