On The Outside Looking Indian

From the outside looking IndianI recently set a goal to become a reader. I am continuously surprised by how much I am enjoying my adventures through the literary worlds. I just finished another book! I love when you come to the last chapter and you are reading the last few words the author has for you, and then you see “The End.” It is a bittersweet moment. I am sad if I liked the book and yearn for more, but part of me is excited to start another one. If you ask me it’s a win-win situation. The book I read was titled From The Outside Looking Indian written by Rupinder Gill. I was mostly intrigued by this book because I was so obsessed with Mindy Kaling, and her newest book. This book inspired me. Rupinder told of her childhood and how she immigrated from India with her family to start a new life in Canada. She grew up in a split world. She wanted to experience the “normal” teenage things that she saw throughout her television viewing career, but her parents kept to their traditional values. Rupinder felt as if she had missed out on her childhood. She had never learned to swim, she hadn’t attended a sleep over or summer camp, owned a dog, or made it to Disney World (I haven’t done all of those things and I turned out fine). In this book she decided to go for it, as my generation would refer to it “YOLO.” She seeks out the adventures she never was allowed to have. As I read about her leaving her comfort zone and at her age (like 30), I realized I could do that to. I am not a kid anymore. I work 8-5, eat, sleep, and then go to work again. Sometimes it becomes a monotonous routine and I feel like I am missing out. I am going to live a “Rupinder” year, I want to pick something I have always wanted to do or become proficient and I am going to conquer it.  I haven’t decided on what just yet, but this book just gave me the feeling of inspiration to do more. Rupinder’s book was high on my list as well, and I would recommend it because it was a clean and an appropriate book. I did not have to skip pages or feel uncomfortable. It was an easy book to read, I would even say teens could read the book and find it interesting. Overall, this was another book that inspired to me to continue reading, it captured a little piece of Clare, and I would definitely recommend it especially as the New Year is upon us.

Buy the book HERE.

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