Nathan BarryA while back my boss, Don Reiman, attended an event that was featured local authors in Boise. Don is currently putting the finishing touches on his own book, RESET, and will be debuting it in early 2014. While at this conference he purchased me a book, Authority, written by Nathan Barry. This book is a step-by-step guide to publishing your first book independently. I am a Social Media Consultant and have had little experience with the book writing process… I have blogged, done press releases and some articles, but after reading Authority I learned that they overlap, and quite well. I sat down and read his entire book today, and was impressed by his ability to teach. There have been many times in the past few years where I have sat down to write a book. I even got up to 30 pages in my word document, but fizzled out because of work, and the Walking Dead. What this book did for me was inspire me, it helped me understand that anyone could write a book. It is just the matter of sitting down to do it. This book has some valuable websites in it that I had never heard of. I’ve already contacted my brother in hopes of helping him publish his book. What most people think is that you HAVE to have a HARD copy of the book, but it was apparent in this book and through Nathans experiences that even e-books make money. I have heard stigma’s about self publishing and e-books. However my perception was changed and my mind is much more open to the idea of self publishing on the internet. Now, I am not yet prepared to publish my own book, I would say I have a head start and will be there in the near future. However, I did find Authority to contain information to make me a positive asset to Don and his publishing team as we enter the final stages of his book. I was able to take notes, and change our plans to better fit Don’s book launch. It was well written and it was also a quick read. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for guidance in the publishing world!

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