The Big {24}

ClottThis week I reached the big {24}. I absolutely loved being 23, there were so many great things about it. I graduated college, landed a good job, and bought a big flat screen television…How could life get any better? Well by turning 24 of course. This year everyone and I mean EVERYONE was confused about what age I was turning…25… I still have one whole year until I reach a quarter of a century. All I can say is that it was an “adult” birthday. I woke up at 7 am and got ready for work. I went worked the day away while Facebook blew up my phone. I used some of my PTO to get off a little early and meet my family and boyfriend for dinner at the usual place, Kyoto’s Japanese Steak House. I love it because they cook the food in front of you, it is literally a built in party with the cook shouting “Yum, Yum, Yum” over and over again. They light up a onion tree and sing you Happy Birthday, I even got wear a lei. After this #clott went to my house to watch the Duck Dynasty Christmas Special while the rest when to a piano recital for my niece and nephews. After that it was time for my parents to meet Scott’s parents. It was fun to have them join us for cake on my favorite day of the year (self absorbed, I already know). I received a REMOTE STARTER for my car, which to others may not seem exciting, but for a 8-5 working girl who doesn’t have a garage spot, it is heaven sent. Julie (Scott’s Mom) gave me a beautiful hand knit scarf and some of my favorite GREEN GODDESS dressing. My Sister and her family gave me a cornucopia of Burts Bee’s Chapsticks that were much needed, and she even let the kids stay up late! Scott gave me a thoughtful gift, a few months ago he went and bought him some “house shoes,” you know the shoes you only wear around the house. Since then he has only worn those shoes inside and will even change them for when he walks me to the car. It is something that we tease House Shoeseach other about. So for my birthday he got me my own HOUSE SHOES. Mine are much cuter than his, and definitely more comfortable. I guess I can’t make fun of him any more. When the parents of a couple meet for the first time it can be potentially awkward. My reference goes back to Father of the Bride when George decides to go through their bathroom and ends up throwing the other dad’s checkbook in the water. With my media mentality I was hopping for something similar.  Instead I think my dad scared them a little when he took them to the basement to show them the array of dead stuffed animals that lace our walls, followed by his extensive gun collection. After a swapping of stories from both moms and dads it was time to end the party. It was fun to have everyone meet and share my birthday with people I care about. So here is to being 24, I don’t know what will happen in the next year but I know it will be exciting!

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  1. LOVE the house shoes. Scott is a thoughtful one that guy 🙂 And I wish the parent meeting had been more eventful, stories like that are WAY more fun. haha


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