Valentine’s Day…No Love? It’s Okay, You Still Have a Love Language!

Psycho ValentineIt’s Valentine’s Day. We all know what that means. There are those who post the picture of the Valentine’s flowers and chocolates they received from their spouse/gf/bf and there are those who post the uncomfortable “I’m single… my life is so hard” Facebook status. To the first I say I am glad you are enjoying your relationships, and making them work. To those who are celebrating S.A.D than I say, even with a fiance Valentine’s Day isn’t my favorite. To me it is a commercialized holiday that makes money, I can show my love any day of the year. I actually feel more love for people on Halloween or Fourth of July, who knows why (rhetorical question)? I am in LOVE and I am happy, but that is every day of my life (now that I finally found the right person). For Valentine’s Day I enjoy a creepy card or a good movie. This card to the left had me laughing for a good few minutes… Please send me your favorites!

In the beginning of #Clott we talked about our “Love Languages” and how we like we knew someone loved us. This was the first time I had ever talked about it with someone. At first I thought mine were definitely Words of AffirmationWho doesn’t like to be constantly reaffirmed through words that they are loved and cared for!  I would recommend this quiz for anyone, married, single, or in the awkward “kind of dating” stage. Do it for a fun date or take yourself on a hot date and take this quiz in front of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days with your Nutella, Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream, and you animal print leggings.

I took the test and it went fast, only 30 questions. The results were surprising and not what I had anticipated for my Love Languages. My highest scored language was actually Physical Touch. Now this doesn’t mean that I am over touchy, it just means that it gives me a sense of security. When someone I love gives me a hug or pats me on the back it makes me feel secure in my relationship. I have realized this is with a dating relationship and not necessarily a brother/sister/friend scenario. In those relationships it is different, I enjoy Quality Time and Acts of Service. I think it is possible to have different love languages with different types of relationships. My second highest score was Acts of Service. This one made perfect sense. I love when I see kindness! When I see an act of kindness my heart grows bigger, it is similar to what the Grinch went through on Christmas. It just makes me feel like a better person. In this scenario, I can tell you that when I see Mr. Bird do an Act of Service, I fall even more in love with him. I don’t know if that is how the love language is supposed to work, but whatever, that is how I am going to interpret it.

So on this Valentine’s Day, be bitter or be happy…whatever, it’s cool with me. But take some time and learn about what your love language is. When you learn how to better communicate the things you need to be happy, the healthier your relationship will be. Communication includes both the verbal and non-verbal things you do for the person you have a crush on, remember that, it is important… I wish all of my friends and family a happy V-DAY! I am hoping #clott does something romantic, like sneak into a graveyard…. #perfectdate

5 Love Languages Infograph

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