Featured in Perspectives

Today, I am flattered. I was looking through some old Utah State things and found this gem. I had no idea it had been published. They had approached me during my Senior year of college about featuring me in the magazine, but I didn’t know it really happened. The Perspectives Magazine happens once a semester and I was featured in Fall 2013 on page 17. It is a true honor!

While reading through it, it reminded me of some of the goals that I am aspiring to accomplish. I really do have a passion for equal rights. Some of my of my feeling inferior came from studying computer science, the field is predominantly male. If I ever made a mistake it was because I was a woman, I even was asked if I was taking the classes to find a rich husband… The reason  I wanted to work towards this degree was because of a female professor who had inspired me. Professor Duhadway. She was a female programmer, she taught me the history of the subject and the basics of computer programing. I was always impressed by her and wanted to have her talent. Once I started taking the upper division classes, those dreams slowly diminished as the only female in the class, with know one willing to actually teach me. It was very frustrating, and after an internal battle with myself wanting to prove myself and being successful, I dropped out. I decided to take another route, I would pioneer my own way into the cyber world. I would take on Social Media. I finished my degree in Communications and have gone on to work a full-time job as a Social Media Consultant. It has been a roller coaster that I have enjoyed. I am so glad that my education helped prepare me for the real world. Can’t wait until some of these goals become a reality!Perspectives

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