I was under the impression that when a woman became a wife she would inherit some sort of super natural powers (just like moms get when they have kids). To my discouragement this did not happen! I woke up to find no cape had been left, no shield, no freakishly powerful bow staff… As this disappointment sunk in, I turned to see my husband sleeping and remembered how much I loved him, that’s when I knew I could rock the #WifeLife.

CookingIt has been exactly 12 days since we got married and all I can say is so far so good ( I think… you would have to ask Mr. Bird on that one). In my reign as wife I have only set the fire alarm off 3 times, it is not my fault that the alarm is super touchy. I didn’t even burn anything, black is just my favorite color so I like to include it in some of my meals, duh… I wanted to impress Mr. Bird and so I decided to start out with a meal with tilapia that looked “complicated” but really wasn’t. It turned out fine and Mr. Bird said he enjoyed it. It wasn’t until I was chit chatting with my sister the next day that I realized I had left out one of the major ingredients, the butter in the sauce. Now the health nut in me could just say I was trying to save us calories, but everyone and their dog knows I am trying to gain weight. So I will just come out and be honest, ya I forgot it, he didn’t starve though! As you can see we have a mini kitchen, and since I am short it is most convenient to put a bench in the middle so I can reach everything. Not to toot my own horn but I have definitely come through on my strengths in my mini kitchen and baked a few batches of cookies, he does enjoy that!

I would say that being a wife does change a few things. You are becoming a new person, trying to mold your old identity in with the new. We were sitting in church on Sunday and they announced that they were excited for Mr. and Mrs. Bird to have moved in. I was excited too, I was looking around to see who they were, when I realized it was me. I was Mrs. Bird. It was the first time in my entire life someone had pronounced my last name right and I didn’t even realize it was mine to enjoy.

I am sure you will hear plenty about the #wifelife from me! I am loving every second of it, and wouldn’t want to have embarked this journey with anyone other than Mr. Bird. When I get my amazing wedding pictures back, I will describe the day and share those moments. It was the perfect fairy tale wedding that went way too fast.

(C)LVB 2014

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  1. We’ve been married eight years and I’m still waiting for those super powers to kick in…haha…same with motherhood! Welcome to the family Mrs. Bird! We sure love you and Scott together!


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