Insurgent_(book)Do you all remember in the Twilight series in book two (New Moon) when Bella goes all “emo” on us? How could you forget? Literally every other page was like “I hate life without Edward.” The entire time I read it, I wanted to say, grow up Bella, life goes on without boys even if he glitters in the sun. I felt similar feelings as I read Insurgent, the second of the Divergent series by Veronica Roth, a young and talented author. Every other line was “I am fighting back tears,” or “I don’t want to live.” I totally understand that she was going through some hard things, I mean she did kill someone, she lost both of her parents, and her life was basically a hot mess. I don’t blame her for bringing on the water works, but I don’t want to read it every other sentence. I mean I probably would cry the whole time, but I don’t Instagram it because I know no one wants to know about it…Now that that rant is over, I thought this book was mediocre. I really enjoyed the first one (review here) and was so excited to read Insurgent. It had some good parts, don’t get me wrong. I really enjoyed some of the plot twists. I would say read it to read it, but be prepared for a dramatic Tris. The only thing I can think to compare it to is one of those freeway car wrecks. When you can’t see why you are stuck in traffic you become very agitated. As your car slowly creeps up on the accident, prior to seeing the accident you are occupied with thoughts about the radio, the event you are late for, or how cute the boy in the next car is. When you finally see the wreck you can’t stop looking, almost to the point of rear ending the person in front of you. Once you have passed the wreck and continued on the way your mind begins to be filled with other things and you forget that you just sat in traffic for ever. I was agitated reading the book but I knew I needed to get through it to see what happened, but once I got through it I didn’t remember much. I say read it, but don’t expect too much! Let me know what you think.

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  1. I thought this was a really good, honest review. All I ever read is how readers love it, but no one ever explains any flaws, even though everything has “flaws” – including things you love. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    ~ SAT


    1. Thanks for reading Shannon! I like to give both the good and the bad. I think people should know what they are getting into šŸ™‚


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