No One is a Failed Experiment

meanHow are children and teens supposed to stay away from Cyber-Bullying when there are so many adults doing it. Today I ran across a link from KTVB about a woman who had been arrested. I don’t care what she was arrested for, she did something wrong and the Boise Police Department are taking care of it. What drove me nuts were the responses on the post. I have never had a mug shot, but I am guessing it wouldn’t be the most flattering picture. I mean it’s not like they give you time to touch up your make up or comb your hair. In most cases you are probably not even sober (in this case) and usually being drunk is super attractive…not… Just because she doesn’t look like your normal housewife that surrounds us does not mean she is ugly. How do you decide what is pretty and what is ugly, or as someone said a “failed experiment.”  I can tell you none of us were an experiment and no one deserves to be called a failed experiment. No matter the mistakes we make in life, we are still human. We never know the behind the scenes of someone’s life. I don’t know if she has seen any of these comments or if she ever will, but I hope she doesn’t. The internet is not a place to share the thoughts that would be considered rude in person. Your words are hurtful. Maybe when her ordeal is over she will realize that she needs to fix some things in her life, let us lend her encouragement mean 2instead of hate. I ask you which one is more motivating? The next time you come to a post on the internet, whether it be a mug shot, the “ugliest” person in the world, or the high school skank, leave them a nice comment or no comment. A click can take a life, and the correlation of cyber-bullying and suicide is growing. Think before you click!

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