it was momMother’s Day is right around the corner. Mr. Bird and I were asked to give talks in church on this upcoming day and we both thought, well that’s easy, we will just talk about our mothers… Trying to sum up what a mother does would take more than the allotted 15 minutes. Mr. Bird and I invited our parents to come listen to us talk. My mother’s response was, “I will come if it’s not sappy.” If you know the Kri, that fits her personality perfect. So this is this year’s tribute to my mom. I am not going to make it sappy, I will just provide the cold hard facts. As a recent bride, some of my past times include looking through wedding photos (I know shallow). I came upon this one and thought, this is all because of one person, my mom.


She found a worthy man, and she married him… in the Logan Temple

She supports her husband through thick and thin

She has given birth to 6 children without any epidurals all by the age of 30 ( I will most definitely be drugging up and spraying some Pam down there)

She drove each child back and forth to piano lessons weekly from the time we started kindergarten until we could drive in high school. Unless you decided to bite the piano teacher, then you didn’t have to go…

I can’t remember a day during my childhood when my mother didn’t stop what she was doing and read to me and my siblings. We still gather around and beg her to read to us during Christmas time.

Five of her Six kids served  LDS missions

4 1/2 have been married (Max is engaged)

She has 4 1/2 grand kids who are loved endlessly and spoiled

She taught us to get an education:

LauriAnn has her Bachelors and Masters in History

Mitch has a Bachelors, Masters, and his PHD in Family Studies

Emily has her Bachelors, Masters (RD) , and is working on her PHD in Dietetics

Alex has his Bachelors, and graduated with his Masters of accounting today

Me, well I have my Bachelors in Communication, with a Certificate in WGS

Max is working on his Bachelors in Economics

Since I can remember, she has always gotten up around 545am to go running

She ran the Boston Marathon

Sometimes she gets into a laughing fit and can’t stop…These are some of my favorite memories

She poured us orange juice every morning before school

She came and silently cheered me on through “boring” golf tournaments

She never has to call her kids, we always call her to catch up (some daily)… I think she ends up spending at least 3 hours a day on the phone with her kids.

She can make popcorn with her eyes closed

We did family scriptures and prayers every day

She has mastered the art of distraction and can still use it on her kids and we are all in our 20’s and up.

She is humble, doesn’t like fluff and to the point.

Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom in all the lands!

That’s a fact Jack…

The missing grand kids and my sister is having another girl in June 🙂

evers mad hayes

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