The People I Find: Krista

This week's story is about a girl I grew up with. She lived in the neighborhood next to mine and we often found ourselves in the same classes from elementary school up to high school. There were always two things that I admired about Krista, her beauty and her kindness. In the 15 years that... Continue Reading →



I have an obsessive personality, there is no hiding it. When I find something I like, I make sure to squeeze every ounce out of it. When I discovered that I could buy pop tarts and eat them for breakfast, I was in heaven. I have eaten pop tarts for breakfast, with the RARE occasion... Continue Reading →

The People I Find: Miss McRae

I am going to be honest with you, I teared up reading this post. I remember this event, it was a few days after I had received my mission call and I was on my way to class. I had texted my brother Mitch a picture of something stupid I had caught on camera... Instead... Continue Reading →

The People I Find: Middle East

This week's post was written by Armen Sultanian, who is from the Middle East. I met Armen while serving a LDS mission in Rochester, New York. She left her country for 18 months so that she could teach people about her Christian faith. She was always the life of the party. The atmosphere in a... Continue Reading →

The Temple Garments

When it comes to the Mormon Temples a lot of people have questions and think it is a bunch of secrets. I have written about it before and you can read it here. I know this subject is sacred and so I will do my best to maintain that. I also am not pinpointing anyone... Continue Reading →

Wedding Day

It's been over two months since I married Mr. Bird. Things are settling down...Just kidding, I don't think that will happen for the next seven-ten years. So I promised that I would share some things from my wedding day. I decided I would get it done at least before our 1 year anniversary. Our wedding... Continue Reading →

Elizabeth Smart: My Story

I remember sitting in front of the television when my regular show was interrupted and it was the "breaking news" that Elizabeth Smart had been found. I hurried and called my mom to tell her, she didn't believe me. I am not shocked she didn't believe me. Usually those who are kidnapped are usually killed... Continue Reading →

The People I Find: P.A.U.H

This week's post is about an ex-roommate of mine, and one of my favorites. When I met Chloe, it was the middle of the school year at USU and I was moving in and taking her best friends old room. I walked in and she looked at me and walked straight into her room without... Continue Reading →

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