The Honeymoon.

kaxwellI have been absent on the blog for a little bit. Don’t worry I have a good reason! I have been traveling with my husband for our honeymoon! It all started with the #Kaxwell wedding in Houston, Texas. It was a glorious event, with a beautiful bride. Max, my littler brother, and I have always grown up doing things together… at the same time. We always got the same birthday gifts, Christmas presents, we were even in some of the same math classes. We served missions together, we got engaged within a week of each other, and married within months… So obviously we took a dual honeymoon… Just kidding, I couldn’t bring myself to share my honeymoon with my brother! #Clott went on one cruise, and #Kaxwell took the other. They drove us down to Galveston, Texas were Mr. Bird and I boarded the Magic Carnival. This was Mr. Birds first time out of the country, and first time for both of us on a cruise. We found our room and discovered we would be living in a room with no windows, a mini bathroom, and a television that only played The Proposal and Monsters University. We decided to explore the ship. We were excited to spend an entire week together and get to experience new cultures and places. The boat had a water park, hot tubs, mini golf, pools full of sea water, and bars. One of our favorite things was the diversity of those working on the cruise ship. Mr. Bird was excited to use some of his Thai and speak with our stewardess. We started calling her “Patty-Cakes,” she loved it. Every time we would leave our room, she would accept and remake our bed and make a new towel animal. Sometimes we would just leave so she could do this…

DSCF1966DSCF2001The first few days at sea were difficult for us to grab a hold of. Because we don’t drink, gamble, or buy excessive amounts of diamonds, there was not much for us to do. We went a littler stir crazy on the ship. We both finished our books, and were looking forward to our shore excursions. Our first one was in Honduras, we were able to drive around the island and see how poverty-stricken it was. It was humbling to see the living conditions on the people on the island. For this excursion we went zip-lining through the jungle. It was impressive, the views were beautiful and definitely worth the trip. After we finished, we got to see some monkeys. I said yolo and let one get on my shoulder… That was a huge step for this animal hater. The boy holding the monkey, kept calling me lady, and would say “lady, don’t grab the monkey.” I can promise you, I was not trying to grab the monkey. After we went to the beach, where I ran into my MTC companion Motra Read! It’s a small world….

DSCF2042Our second excursion was to Belize. It was beautiful. We took a 30 minute boat ride out to a private island where we were able to snorkel. Snorkeling is not easy, well it wasn’t for me. I had the hardest time trying to breathe and make the whole thing work. Once I started to figure it out, it was fun. We saw a sting ray, needle fish, and tons of tropical fish. After we hung out on the island and made good friends with one of the guides. Hopefully he will be posting on The People I Find soon 🙂 Oh and YES, I got my hair braided!


DSCF2091The third excursion was in Mexico. This was interesting… Turns out the island we were on was the island of fertility. Not the thing you want to hear on your honeymoon. We enjoyed seeing the Mayan Ruins and learning the history. After we went on a drive and stopped next to some rather large coral formations and fell in love with the waves crashing in. That moment, Scott and I were in heaven. As we both stood in the sand and let the waves crash against us, we forgot the world and were able to just enjoy the moment.

DSCF2128After the excursions we were held captive once again by the ship. As the trip came to a close, I started to get very sick. I had taken off the motion sickness patch that was hidden behind my ear. I don’t recommend them to anyone. I was hopping I would feel better once we got off the boat, but that was wishful thinking. Flying while unable to keep anything in your stomach, it literally the most miserable thing. Mr. Bird was so kind to take care of me. It was a long day and we finally made it back to Boise. We decided no more flying or cruising for a while. We enjoyed our honeymoon, but decided a 7 cruise was too long. We would have enjoyed more excursions, but felt like hostages on the boat. The one thing I realized was, I married the right guy for me. After spending the entire week together, all I wanted to do when I got home was spend more time with him #winning.

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