2048-WinI have an obsessive personality, there is no hiding it. When I find something I like, I make sure to squeeze every ounce out of it. When I discovered that I could buy pop tarts and eat them for breakfast, I was in heaven. I have eaten pop tarts for breakfast, with the RARE occasion of cereal, every day for the past 2 years. No, I don’t switch them up, it is always the brown sugar and cinnamon just a little bit burnt. Two years ago it was spaghetti and meatballs, literally every time I went to a restaurant that is what I ordered, it’s what I made for dinner when I didn’t have to hurry, it was what I craved all of the time. The reason I tell you these things is because I want to paint a picture of how dedicated I am to my obsessions. Another example is this week, I had a craving for Harry Potter. In my limited time, I have managed to watch all 8 of them this week, and felt a little empty when I wasn’t watching it. Okay, now that I have buttered you up and convinced you of my weird quirk I will tell you of my recent obsession that almost drove me mad. I wasn’t the only one participating, it was all of my family members. 2048. It’s a game app you can download on your phone, but I must warn you… It is the most time-consuming, frustrating, and rewarding game (only when you win). To be honest, I have only been awarded a winner screen once, because after I accomplished it, I vowed to not pick it up again. The game is all about doubling numbers that match until you reach 2048, when the board fills up all the way the game is over. I was introduced to the game just days prior to our honeymoon cruise, and let’s just say we learned to share by taking turns playing it. As we like to say, we played for days. I was becoming even more frustrated when I couldn’t solve it and most of my family members had. It was like every day someone would announce in the family group text that they had reached the blessed number 2048. Envy grew inside me, and I began to dedicate myself even more. I woke up early one morning to play and found my self just a little late to work. I would play while I browned meat on the stove, and even while I was in the bathtub. My supportive husband could see how dedicated I was and kept reassuring me that I would win soon. It was June 9th when I fell asleep just a little bit early, and my husband stole my iPad. He stayed up late and finally won the game. He waited all night for me to wake up. I woke bright and early on June 10th and looked over to see my husband staring at me. He said he had to show me something. I had no idea what was coming. He grabbed the iPad and showed me the winning screen. I wanted to cry, yell, and be mad, but I couldn’t it was his birthday. He tried to convince me that it was a birthday miracle and that is NOT something you can argue about.  So I let him have his glory. He could tell I was jealous and continued to reassure me that I would finish the game. I honestly felt like I was inside Ready Player One. It was later that night or week, I can’t remember when, but I finished the game. I HAD WON! It had taken me almost a month, and honestly all I felt was relief. Mr. Bird can have his wife back now. Well, until two of my sister-in-laws sent me a screen shot of the 4096 last night…. The question is now… to game or not to game?


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