The People I Find: Gaza

There is a lot going on around the world right now. Last week, I received a message from my friend in Jordan who said she had found someone who wanted to share their story. Armen shared her story a few weeks ago, and it gave great perspective on what it is like to live in... Continue Reading →


Obama and Mormons

I am in no way a political wiz. I should probably be more involved in what is going on in the world, but for me it has become to contentious of a subject. On Sunday, I attended Sunday School and the lesson was on "Good Leaders." We began discussing good leaders throughout the church, from... Continue Reading →

It Just Never Gets Old

On the long drive from Boise to Glendale I became very bored... As you can imagine, I did everything from counting my freckles, flossing my teeth, and having one on one conversations with myself in Albanian. At one point Mr. Bird and I got stopped on some long long road with a sign that said... Continue Reading →

The People I Find: Filmmaking

This week's post is on Elizabeth. We first met during our freshman year of college at Utah State University. Our apartments were right next to each other and we were both in the leadership house. Elizabeth was always on the go and ready for the next adventure. I was always envious of her endless amount... Continue Reading →

4 Things About Arizona

I have been quite for a while so I apologize. I have been in the midst of a life change that included a lot of planning, packing, and driving. Mr. Bird and I packed up our 18 foot Budget truck and started the trek to Glendale Arizona. We were lucky to have family members help... Continue Reading →

The People I Find: Beard

Today's post is about Devin. I met Devin last summer as he was wooing my sister. They were married in December and he has become family. There are three things that stick out to me when I think of Devin. His kindness, his laugh, and his beard. When I met Devin, I knew he was... Continue Reading →

Close to Home

We never know when a tragedy will hit. None of us were prepared for 9/11, the Boston Massacre, or Sandy Hook. Yesterday there was a tragedy that occurred in a place I used to call home, Logan, Utah. I didn't know any of the victims, but I remember the places.  I went to one of... Continue Reading →

The People I Find: Premature

The People I Find started back in February and the very first post was about Whitney. She shared her thoughts about being on bed rest, and how hard it was. I have followed her story of infertility and miscarriages on her blog, and always kept her family in my prayers. Whitney is a fighter, and... Continue Reading →

The People I Find: Comedian

It is not every day you meet a comedian. Last fall I attended a social media seminar put on by the well-known Thubten at Hotel 43 in Boise. I asked Megan what she did and she told me her usual response and followed with a comedian. She started telling me about a festival she was... Continue Reading →

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