It Just Never Gets Old

IPHONE JULY 2013 052On the long drive from Boise to Glendale I became very bored… As you can imagine, I did everything from counting my freckles, flossing my teeth, and having one on one conversations with myself in Albanian. At one point Mr. Bird and I got stopped on some long long road with a sign that said “Wait might be 30 minutes.” Instead of waiting patiently in our cars, Mr. Bird and I hopped out of our cars and grabbed our baseball mitts from the trunk. We played catch in the middle of the free-way. It’s okay, there was no on coming traffic. After this little slice of heaven, we headed back to our cars and we drove on. My boredom continued… As I looked around the car, I realized I had Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on cd. It was almost like I had found Tom Riddle’s diary. I decided to begin the journey of listening to one of my childhood favorites. As I turned up the volume, my boredom quickly dissipated, and I was sucked into the most life-like story ever written.

This is a book I have read or listened to over 12 times, and each time I have found something new. Here are my bullet points.

-The Vanishing Cabinet that Peeves Drops

The vanishing cabinet that Peeves drops over Filch’s office is broken, the cabinet is later placed in the room of requirement, where things are gone to be “lost.” This cabinet is later used when Malfoy tries to sneak in death eaters….

– Fred and George

Fred and George are much more appreciated and talked about in the books. I had forgotten how much time Harry really did spend with them and how much the twins cared about him.

– The Diary as a Horcrux

While listening this time I wonder why this particular Horcrux did not have the same effect as the locket in book 7. When Ginny throws the book down the toilet and Harry finds it, he doesn’t necessarily sense Voldemort like he does with other horcruxes.  When he began writing in the diary, he felt as if he knew Tom Riddle, but he didn’t receive a pain in his scar or an overpowering sense of darkness. Why is this? Is it because J.K didn’t know what a Horcrux would be just yet? Or was is because it was it something to do with it being the first horcrux… Questions Questions Questions…

I had more, but am having a complete brain freeze and can’t remember. Overall, it was surprisingly refreshing to listen to the book again! It’s the details that make me happy 🙂 I thought I would throw in a good ole #tbt to when my brother Max and I dressed up for one of the movie premiers!



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