Vote For Me! – NaNoWriMo Pitchapalooza

Last night was just like any other night… I was rushing trying to get dinner ready, when it hit me! IT WAS NANOWRIMO 2018 PITCHAPALOOZA with The Book Doctors! I started to listen as I finished up dinner, and my husband had just gotten home. We both looked at each other and screamed when we heard them start to say “The Cost of Silence.” I was thrilled and shaking because it was only going to be 20 out of 600 pitches. They critiqued it and it wasn’t bad at all. They said there’s a publisher out there just waiting for this book. So I have hope!


I have spent countless hours writing and re-writing this book while my kids have climbed on me, my husband has been either studying for medschool boards or out on rotations. I have put a lot into this…And now I need your votes to be the FAN FAVORITE in hopes it will help me find an agent. So please vote here for The Cost of Silence by Clare Vaterlaus Bird.


I couldn’t have done this without Lori Jackson who runs Choosing Wisdom . Lori has beta read my book and helped edit my pitch. I want to also thank all of my other beta readers who helped! It is fun to know I can still accomplish things AND be a mom!


You can vote until April 1, 2018! Help a girl follow her dreams >>> VOTE HERE

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