Elevation by Stephen King

I give this book 4 out of 5 birds. When I think Stephen King I think blood, guts, and murder. I’ve only read a handful of his works but this one left my surprised…. It was not scary.at.all. I slept soundly the night I finished it. I had a range of emotions, I felt betrayed that he hadn’t given me the anxious feelings of checking behind doors when entering rooms that I was looking for but after letting it sit for a few days I’m like WAIT. I really liked it. It’s all about tolerance and kindness. I thought the idea of the weight loss was new and interesting and the homophobia seemed over the top- but then I thought it wasn’t. There are still people who treat people this way and so there is a need for a book like this. So I recommend this book but preface it’s not scary at all…

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